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Apr 10, 2013

♥ La Colors EP42 Wildflowers Palette EOTD

La Colors EP42 Wildflowers Palette EOTD

 La Colors EP42 Wildflowers Palette EOTD
I showed this in my most recent beauty shopping post, read it here. For those who don't know LA Colors is a brand where everything is £1, and in London you can find it in Afro hair shops as well as most perfume stores in shopping centres. I got this one from the shopping centre Westfield (the real Westfield, not the Stratford one ;) )
 La Colors EP42 Wildflowers Palette EOTD

This look was so much prettier in real life, but oh well- it's so hard to take nice pictures of makeup. I love the shades in this palette and they are creamy any pigmented. If you care about good ingredients (which I do lol, but I don't care as much anymore), then you should know that this contains both Parabens & Mineral Oil.

What do you think of this look?
& if you've done a makeup look or post on LA Colors makeup, link it.



  1. This is really pretty. I have some LA Colours nail polishes but have never tried the eye shadows. Does the colour last or does it tend to fade?

    Ekaete x

  2. Looks Gorgeous! I have used one eyeshadow and i was surprisingly pleased especially because it is so cheap:-)

  3. Very pretty. I love the shadow colors that you picked for this look.

    ♥ Crystal Michelle

  4. Great combination! I hope I could actually learn to do that. :)

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