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Jan 5, 2012

♥ BB Creams

I know this Garnier BB cream is soo hyped in the blog world but I haven't tried it myself yet. 

But today I was reading my new Glamour magazine and saw that N7 are releasing their own version of it I couldn't help but share this in my blog.

I haven't seen any reviews on it except for one now as I googled but that seemed to be a PR sample.
Has anyone tried the Garnier one?
Are you planning on trying the N7 one?



  1. good post

  2. J'espère tester la BB creme mais je la trouve nul part ! :/

  3. Haven't tried but thanks for sharing sweetie,have heard so much hype but I wasn't sure e BB would be great on my nc45 skintone. Please update if u get it!

  4. I was reading my lucky magazine and I read something about how a daily mosturizing spf cream will do your face good... is that what BB Creams are?

  5. I was, actually I'm still planning to try Garnier. I heard positive comments and I want to see how it'll work on my skin....

  6. I tried the Garnier BB Cream and to be honest it was just a Tinted Moisturiser plus it broke me out really badly :( might work better for you! xx

  7. I've got the garnier one in shade medium and i love it for good skin days! But its quite light coverage age very dewy. But often like then when my skins good.

  8. have not but I am looking for something like this so will keep checking to see if someone has haha :)


  9. I want to try the Garnier one, only because I know that we have it in Italy!

  10. Oh Yes sorry ^^ But i'm not very strong in english so I try :)
    I said " I would like to test this BB cream but I havn't find him"

    I hope you understand ^^

  11. Garnier one is absolute crap, although different things work for different people. It's put me off from trying out any other BB cream as I was so disappointed by it xx


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