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Jan 28, 2012

♥ Rituals review

So Im going to a review of the Rituals Wai Wang- Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ran. I dont really do reviews usually, but I would like to recommend this so here you go.

Rituals Organic Cherry & Rice Milk, Ultra rich whipped body cream


It smells amazing.. honestly im not one for flowery smells but I love this one!
And the consistency is really creamy as you can 

No offence to any beauty blogger but it feels so stupid putting pics like this up but at least you can get an idea of what it's like. 

Rituals Wai Wang, Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren body scrub
Read more about it here & the ingredients

This scrub smells amazing too!

I dont know if you can see but the beads are quite big which I like.. I think a
body scrub should exfoliate properly.

Oh, and Rituals have a shop at Westfield (the real westfield in west lol) but I haven't seen these products there. I saw them as a gift set in House of Fraiser though.

Have you tried Rituals products? I did see that some of you got some Ritual products in a Glossy box or one of those other boxes.. what were they like?



  1. good post :)

  2. I've not tried this brand, but the products look and sound lovely. think i will have to try them for myself x

  3. you welcome,enjoin your weekend.kisses

  4. These products sound really interesting :) I actually came here to tell that I gave you a little award in my blog, do check it out when you can :) xoxo ♥

  5. great products!


  6. I have not but sounds like an interesting product.. Will look more into it

  7. Thanks for the review hun! I've never tried any Rituals products because I'm not really one for body products... but I really should be! :P

  8. Ive never tried those products but I like the Chinese name;-)

  9. Nice review, thanks for sharing with us!
    Would you like to follow each other, dear? <3

  10. Thank you ;) Your blog is beautiful.What do you think about following each other?Have a lovely day.
    xoxo Sabrina

  11. that is what I have to do.. take rituals in beauty :) I'm following

    Check my blog and follow me if you like :)


  12. hmmm...thinking of trying this out. Please put a picture up as soon as you get your hair done...Really

  13. @Yoli

    Happy New Year 2012 to you, this is kinda late, haven't been on blogger in a while.

    What have you been up to? I missed ya

    Stay fabulicious!!!

  14. Love this brand xx great post x fab blog maybe we could follow each other xx

  15. I have never tryed but they look so nice !



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