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Jan 30, 2012

♥ What's in my bag (and make up bag)

I thought I'd do a "what's in my bag post" .. so here you go.. when I took these pics I realize I dont bring a lot of things with me? At least not compared to other pics I've seen..

Gloves.. make up bag, pencil case, wallet, keys, oyster card, hand cream, McDonalds napkins (lol), iPhone, headphones, Umbrella (yeah I live in Ldn)

And then you might wonder what's in my make up bag.. here you go:

-A all round balm (to use on lips, cuticles etc.) sometimes I use Lush Lemony flutter etc.
- Facemist.. I use this after I've been gym.
- A small perfume
- The lipstick or lipgloss I'm using that day..

So no there's not really any actual Make up in my bag.. I don't see the point of carrying make up with me.. anyone want to tell me?

What do you always carry in your bag, and make up bag?
Do u use any of these things?



  1. I think you're about as leopard obsessed as I am lol and I LOVE IT!!!

  2. I love your blog!! Thanks for following, I will definitely be following you :)

    I do not carry my makeup bag because it's so big! But I do carry some essentials with me!

    Lovely post

  3. I love that make-up bag!!! I love anything leopard print!

  4. love your color scheme lol cheetah and pink!

  5. Cute make-up bag!


  6. Love Michael Kors! youre lucky!!!

  7. I adore the colour of your wallet! It's so vibrant! )

  8. I don't carry a lot of makeup around either...lovely blog:))

  9. The more I read it, the more it impresses me. I would like to thank you for your outstanding blog post. Keep it up! Awesome!

  10. Great post,some pple carry makeup to freshen up or to blot away oil for those with oily skin.Some pple actually apply their makeup on the trains,buses&in the car early in the morning thus why!

    Btw I have managed to do the Nail polish tag dear x

  11. I don't see the point in carrying any make up, except for lipstick, either! I never understand it when people carry their whole face kit around all day!!

    Your bag is lovely and very organised :)

  12. check out my pink leopard print eye tutorial please hope you like xxx

  13. I Love leopard. Like your blog im following too hope you follow mine have a nice day


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