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Jan 6, 2012

Bodyshop for £10 in KFC

Been doing some shopping with my little sister (who's here visiting) and I decided to get A new shower gel from Body Shop since I walked past..

Then I saw that I could get four for £10.. Since i have a membership card and I was on my fifth buy since I got it I got a free gift for £5 Plus the 10% discount.

So I paid £10 for all of this

What do you think?


Blogging from my iPhone and also took the pictures with my phone so if it doesn't come out great you know why.. 

Haven't tried any of these.. basically tried all the other "scents"..


I love this range if you read THIS review you will know what I mean.
Been looking for a new all round cream and the ingredients in this is great.
Back in the days I used to use Lemony Flutter from Lush which is great too.

Im not one to use black polishes.. but when I recently tried my mums glittery one (HERE) I found that it looks alright.. Anyway I got this one for free and it was on sale so I though I'd try it..

Had another pound to spend "for free" so I just got anyting that was roughly a pound.. Well it's nice and glittery lol..


Nail Polish swatch from a true food lover, ON a KFC tissue.

Have you used any of these?


  1. Wow, such a good deal for £10!
    I absolutely adore Body Shop stuff, definitely jealous! xx

  2. Love ur goodies there are a lot for a tenner but considering ur membership its worth it. I need to pay body shop a visit next week. Thanks for sharing. Love body shop

  3. Nice stuff, the pictures look great doll!*


  4. you got such a bargain ! i love body shop shower gels you feel so refreshed ! xx

  5. love it! great post, hunn!


  6. I love Body shop. I use every day.


  7. Great post!! Can't get enough of The Body Shop :) Want to follow each other? I'm starting xoxo

  8. The Body Shop is definitely my fav! I've been using Mango body butter and Mango shower gel. I can honestly recommend it for everyone. Smell is just amazing, cosmetics are natural, good for skin, can't be better ;)

    Come and see my new post:


  9. omg love the glittery nail file!


  10. Oh what a bargain! I love body shop products!

  11. Ohh Thank, I'm following your blog me too ;)
    And will put comments ! And I will try to improve my english and if make mistakes, tell me ^^

    I love Bodyshop !!

  12. ha!! i'm obsessed with glitter and all my nails filers are glitter ones too :))

  13. Hello !
    Of course she's fit, but not too fit, in contrary to some actresses !
    I hope you will be able to read it, because I don't know if my blog can be translated (but I hope !)

  14. You got some awesome stuff for great prices! Thats always the best!! Love your blog


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