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Jan 1, 2012

♥ (Non celebrating) New Years look

Well I didn't celebrate New Years.. my little sister and mum are still visiting from Sweden so we just went for dinner! I did put a little bit more make up on than usually.. this is what I looked like..

(but I did not do my hair! I just blow dried, and NO, it was not greasy the flash made it look that way lol)

I tried out the ELF eyeshadow palette and the CK light pink lipstick

Omg can you beauty bloggers out there teach me how to take these kind off pics of your eyemake?
Either its not the right angle or I look CROSS EYED (like in this pic).. where do I look when I take these kind of pics ?


  1. Vacker du är! Snygg sminkning! :)

    - Naw tack söta du! :D

  2. You look good dear. Love the smokey eye thing you got going on at the edge of your eyes.

    Happy New Year to you. :-)

  3. Non Celebrating???? ooowww
    U look awesome. So beautiful...

  4. ure makeup looks great n ure eye is beautiful gohhhh

  5. Love e look,u look so pretty hun!

  6. Beautiful make-up!


  7. lol you do not look crossed eyes...hahahah you made me laugh BUT I hate taking picture of my makeup facing the camera. I usually like to tilt my head a little bit away from the camera but usually not head on because I think it makes me look like a turtle hahaha but I love this look!

  8. wauw amazing look.

  9. I love your make up! you did a great job with it! And with the pictures too!!!
    Happy new year!

  10. Pretty. Maybe put ur camera settings on macro.

  11. Your eyebrows are gorgeous!

    Happy new year :)


  12. glamourous eyes! this is so beautiful!! love it

    An Online Wardrobe for worldwide Fashion Lovers

  13. Beautiful make up girl !

    x :D

  14. Sv: Oh tack! =)

    Vad fin du var!!

  15. ur makeup is gorge now follow u back love!

  16. You look great girl, hope you had a lovely NYE...happy newYear

    x hajar&Mounia
    Twitter: @Hauntedovoxo

  17. Your eye make up is cute!
    btw what type of camera do you use?

  18. I saw the preview when I went to the movies with my boyfriend last night.

  19. Happy New Year... U did a awesome job with the Smoky Eye. And how do you get ur eyebrows so perfect with a pencil?

  20. So So So So So Helpful!!
    thank you very much, i am not a eyeliner person so am struggling since i am thinking of give it a try recently!!
    I am so glad you get some Nigerian root, i know it weird and maybe inappropriate , but i got excited when i find a Nigerian Blogger since i live in Greece and in A town am actually the only Nigerian and my sisters.
    like you blog am following , hope you can check out my giveaway and follow back :D

  21. So beautiful : i love your make-up !


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