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Jan 25, 2012

♥ Maybelline Gel Liner

Maybelline Gel Liner review

So this is me wearing the gel liner.. I like it! It was easy to apply, although I was a bit worried what the result would be like since I've never used a non-liquid eye liner before.

What do you think of this eye liner?

Sorry about the crappy pictures.. not focused where they should be, my camera is Not working with me atm.

Yeah it comes in this tiny jar, I think it's quite nice..

You also get a brush with it which I think is really good, whether it's good or not? I suppose it is, I have no experience in this kind of eye liner, nor this kind of brush but it worked fine for me :)

Have you tried this? Are you going to?
What type of eyeliner do you use?



  1. yesss this is the gel eyeliner im using at the moment aswell. was thinking of doing a review on it as i love it. and i think it looks fab on you too, perfect wing. x

  2. yesss this is the gel eyeliner im using at the moment aswell. was thinking of doing a review on it as i love it. and i think it looks fab on you too, perfect wing. x

  3. Look great on u hun&sounds amaze. May get it soon thanks for sharing&glad2know the brush works,normally them free brushes are crap lol

    I currently use Nars eyeliner stylo, Bobbi brown gel liner and 2True liquid x

  4. Looks really nice...I'm so scared to try so used to liquid liners!

  5. never tried yet the gel liner im so curious to try!! here in brazil there is no liquid liner available yet!! by d waty the following issue did'nt work..dont know why..

  6. i like the eye liner also but
    it becomes too dry after a while..

    xoxo Esra

    My Beautyworld

  7. You've been tagged, my friend!

  8. very beautiful make-up, love the brown color! ^^

  9. its nice!! i like the winged look you did on ur eyes!

  10. I got this a while ago but never really use it! Really like it though it seems to last ages on me :) Like your new blog layout btw xx

  11. Efter du slutat gymnasiet, kom med till Oslo då älskling:) OM ja inte kanske åkt någon annan stans(a) SAKNAR DIG xxx

  12. Looks lovely and looks like it'll stay on all day. I quite like how it looks on you.

  13. hi! i just wanted to say that i like your blog and you are so pretty! :)

    i'm going to follow your blog via bloglovin!

  14. love it looks amazing on you honey!!!

  15. Havent tried it yet but think I will now, love how it looks.

  16. it looks good. I've never tried it though!

  17. wow ive never heard of gel liner before, i'll have to try it now cause it looks really good!

  18. I usually do a liquid eyeliner, but I definitely want to try this!! cute!

  19. I love gel liner! I love fluidlines by MAC and the Essence ones. This sounds just as great. xxx

  20. mmm... I totally want this... flawless.
    by the way hun you have gorgeous eyes..!


  21. i haven't tried this one it really nice?? doesn't smudge???

  22. wow the eye makeup looks wonderful - you are so talented at apply makeup!
    so jealous :)

  23. oh wow love the eye look :) im wanting to try that eyeliner actually :P would be great if you could check my blog out

  24. I lovee this eyeliner, use it everyday without fail!
    Defiantly become one of my go to makeup products.

  25. I have a pencil style gel eyeliner by Tarte and find it really difficult to use. Haven't tried one like this though.

    Holli x

  26. I love how the cat-eye look pops on your eyes! I personally use Stila pencil liner, but I've been looking to venture to gel and liquid liner territories :)


  27. i've been meaning to swith to gel liner since i had it used on me at a photoshoot thing , this looks really good!
    thanks for your lovely comments!
    mantenso xx
    oh and now following , great blog(:

  28. It looks great! I wish I could perfect the flick xx

  29. This was on offer a couple of weeks ago in Superdrug and I was so tempted to buy it, but I'm trying really hard to use up all the stuff I already have before I buy anything else :(

    Glad it worked for you though, it looks lovely :)

  30. I love maybelline's gel liners! I use a small angled eyeliner brush that works really well with it


  31. Im so jealous! I can not do winged tips!! No matter how much i have tried! I have the pen, liquid and regular pencils haha. I just suck!


  32. this one is the best eye liner in the world want this one
    Love if you follow me back
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  33. I haven't tried this gel liner before, but I'll consider it for when I run out of the one I'm currently using. I have only ever used MAC's fluidline.
    I love the way you did the wing on your linger, it's so perfect :)


  34. love the liner:)
    One great tip i gotta share - try using black matte eyeshadow as a liner instead of liquidy liners it looks amazing too try it:)

  35. I did a post on this earlier in the month, I find it so much easier and smoother to apply than liquid liner! xxxx

  36. I also did a review on this eyeliner (and on other eyeliners I've recently tried), I like it so much! Here's my post:


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