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Feb 27, 2012

♥ 5 MUA for £5

So I had my 3,5 hour break at college today again.. so I couldn't really Not head to Superdrug to pick up these goodies :)

And as you porbably know they were £1 each.

I was so impressed by this nail polish. One layer was honestly enough although I used two. It wasn't quite as covering as the N7 polishes, but nearly. The polish on it's own was quite glossy, and I think the top coat (I bought that too) did a great job.

I really wanted to try their nail polishes since I hadn't but I didn't want to buy another polish of a colour I already had, just because they're cheap. So I went for this colour..

what do you think of the colour?

I'd been wanting to buy this lipstick for quite a while. It was in a collage I made recently (click)

The shade is nude/pink rather than orangy

I really like this! It's not for you if you want a matte super pigmented lipstick, but it's covering enough and it's super creamy!

I hate to show off light shades of lipstick because they tend to look really streaky/chapped lips.

I reckon it's because light colours don't really cover as much as dark, if you know what I mean?

ATT: Are these pics in line with each other, or is one above the other one? please answer in a comment. (they showed up weird when I wrote this post)?!

MUA Black Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil: Needed a new eyeliner and I was soo impressed with the ingredients (yeah im obsessed with reading ingredients).

Here are a few of the first impressive ingredients (remember, this was £1):
Carnauba Wax, Bees Wax, Ceresin Cocoa Butter, Isopropyl Myristate,  DiethylhexylCyclohexane, Castor Oil

MUA Clear Mascara: I always use a clear mascara to set my eyebrows, or for my lashes aswelll sometimes. And this one is great at £1.

Have you tried any of these.. which MUA products do you recommend?



  1. I love that nail varnish colour! I've always walked past the MUA stand purely because of its price so I haven't expected a lot!

    Definitely going to check it out now :)


  2. Thanks very much for your comment, it meant a lot:)

    <3 xo

  3. I love their nail polishes! I never use up big nail polishes so it's such a bargain getting them for £1 if you like the colour! The MUA eye primer is really good (I noticed it's in your collage you linked), it does exactly what it says it does! :)

    I'm currently doing a blog hop if anyone wants to join! :)


  4. Love that nail polish!
    And lip color, so gorgeous!

    but first, coffee

  5. Love that lipstick!
    Looks much nicer on than I thought it would.

    Might need to get some soon!

    Jen <3

  6. Sv: Ja det är en bra palett och jag tittade på originalpaletten men ville inte köpa den för den hade ett par färger som jag inte gillade. Sen tittade jag lite mer på den här paletten och gillade dom flesta färgerna. Pigmenteringen är jättebra och jag är säker på att jag kommer att använda den jättemycket :) Jag tror att jag kommer att göra någon tutorial med den här någongång men inte riktigt än.

  7. That lipstick is gorgeous, really cute for spring!

  8. Hey sweet, I totally get what you mean about breaks at uni and college, such a pain in the butt waiting around and a pain in the purse with all the money you can end up spending! MUA have such a novel feeling to them, I love buying tonnes of stuff for under a tenner haha xxxx

  9. the nail polish is pretty, it reminds me of safari chic from the new Loreal nail polishes. The pictures are not in line but the lip color looks great. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  10. Tack så mycket! Jag tycker absolut du ska börja göra videor, jag har precis börjat och tycker det är jätte kul :) kram!

  11. I love the nail varnish colour, such a great find
    And the lip colour looks great too.
    Kiwi ..x

  12. My sister has that nail polish and I have the dusky pink and the nude polish. I love them. They stay on well and for £1 you can't complain.

    The eyeliner is fab! I love the fact that it has a sharpener in the lid.


  13. Is that the Beauty UK Lipstick in the shade 'Chelsea'?? :)


  14. ....that was my old blog, sorry it confused ya. I need that green polish in my collection, yours is really pretty.

  15. The nail polish is really pretty I love the color!!

  16. So wish I was able to pick up these bargains over here!

  17. Love the colour of your lipstick. Mua is such good value for money.
    The photos arent in line.

    Holli x

  18. Love all the products!
    The colours are great!
    xoxoxo ^^

  19. such a great bargain!

    I've never tried MUA products

  20. I haven't tried MUA products my local superdrug doesn't stock them I need to find another one that does.

  21. I actually have never tried their na il polishes because I always assumed it would be watery lol but will defo them now.
    You should try the eyebrow pencils too if you havent already x

  22. Nice products, I've never used MUA myself, but would definitely try :) The nail polish looks really cool.

    And the pictures aren't in line, but it's okay. xoxo ♥

  23. I have that khaki polish.. I think it's gorgeous!! And for £1 a bargin too. It applies so nicely as well.

    Hot Happenings!


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