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Feb 17, 2012

♥ Make up bargains

This is a collage a made a week ago or so, a couple of things I'd like to order.
All the things are from MUA and ELF's website. 

Has anyone tried these Elf brushes .. I like the Bobbi Brown brushes I bought but it was lacking some eyeshadow brushes..

ps. since Im in Sweden on holiday this week visiting my family i wont be responding to every single comment, like I always do!



  1. I just ordered some things from ELF yesterday on their 30% off and I'm expecting my first brush from there so hopefully they're good. Everyone raves about the Studio powder brush too.

    The MUA eye primers quite good, Iv used it for a while, but thats the only one I've used =/ and their lipsticks are amazing for the price!

  2. Nice stuff haven't got stuff from Elf or MUA so can't say about it but heard Elf brushes were amaze,I want some from e Studio range!

    Enjoy ur break in Sweden honey xx

  3. Hey I would defo reccomand the elf brushes I honestly think there as good as any other big named brand brushes!
    Shannen Xx

  4. Love these pics!!! xoxo from Rome

    Ps. Follow each other???

  5. heading over to the ELF Website now if were talking about 30% off... Ive heard good things about ELF brushes, I also want to try their falsies

  6. I need to order some Elf brushess they look really good quality. Have fun in Sweden . I'm Swedish too but live in London :)

  7. Basically all of my brushes are either from e.l.f. or Sonja Kashuk and I love my elf brush. The price is perfect and the quality is also great. Now I have not had any name brand brushes so I can't compare but I can tell you that my makeup always looks great when I use my cheap ones lol.

  8. Nice Stuff!!! i purchase from elf before and was very happy with them


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