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Feb 25, 2012

♥ Green satchel bag

I went Portobello Road and Whiteleys today with Chanelle.. Omg it was so sunny? I felt like it was summer again epecially at Portobello Road packed with tourists..

H&M Green Satchel Bag.. so cheap and I love it!

Oh, I also bought my favourite magazine, company

H&M Gold hair cuff, I've been looking for this!

I really love buying (gift) sets when they come in a nice box. I've bought most of my perfumes like that and my Marc Jacobs Lola bag is soo nice and perfect for storing things.

Anyway bought these for £12 from Bodyshop.

 Bodyshop Chocomania showergel, bodyscrub, lipbutter

What do you think of satchel bags.. and do you like the Chocomania range..  I know it's a love or hate thing lol?


Ps. from now on im answering every single comment again, just couldn't do it when I went  Sweden..


  1. I personally love satchel bags! :D xxx

  2. love these things!! I love bath things!

  3. Åh jag vill så gärna testa först, är själv lite osäker x)
    fin tatuering du har ;)

  4. I've been desperately looking for a great satchel bag I love them and this one is very cute

  5. We love your green bag ! ♥

    kisses. ;*

  6. Nice bag hun love e bath set but e chocolate is a bit too much for me lol<3

  7. The Bag is very cute and sweet, but considering the Chocomania to me its a hate thing, the cream really doesn't smell like chocolate to me.

  8. such a gorgeous color!

    I have this body butter as well and I can't stop smelling it.. ;)) yeah I'm a weirdo

    yeeeeaa I'm a big hip hop lover ;-))))

  9. really pretty green! i love your blog, i'm now following xx

  10. I love satchel bags, such a nice shade of green!

  11. nice bag!!! i wish they had pink too!!^^

  12. haha i know right, that can be irritating at times. I never buy them ousers if they dont sit well otherwise i'll think of it the whole day when i'm in it instead of focusin on my day doings,

  13. Beautiful bag!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  14. Very cute bag, Love the colour
    Kiwi ..x

  15. really really cute blog you have, i am diggin yo style ;)

  16. I love the green Satchel and Gold HAIR CUFF (Will have to keep my eye out for it) but not so much the Bath Chocomania, def a hate thing

  17. Satchels are my absolute favorites! Love this green satchel!


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