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Feb 19, 2012

♥ Clarin Instant Definition

Just though I'd share a mascara I like. I'm not easily impressed and as you might know if you've read my blog for a while, my favourite one is a £2 one from Boots. My favourite before that was Loreal Telescopic, other than that I haven't really liked any other mascara.

This is the Clarins Instant Definition mascara, I got this sample from a voucher in Glamour magazine a while ago. As you can see the result's nice and I have to say,

-what makes this better than my usual £2 mascara is that it really lasts all day. When I went to wash off my make up a while ago it still looked the same as in these pics.

Have you tried this?



  1. Wow this looks good! :) xxx

  2. looks like a nice, clean finish!! It would work well If you are wanting to wear a natural look! THanks for sharing :)


  3. Ur eyes look great honey. Tried this before I liked it! I love good mascaras that give volume&length and stay put all day<3

  4. My favorite is Loreal Telescopic! :) I haven't tried the brand you posted about, but I might have to. Do you know what it usually costs?

  5. sv; Haha ja men din beskrivning var betydligt bättre :*) Väldigt bra skrivet! ♥ kram kram

  6. it looks great!

    I've never tried it

  7. Nice blog, following you!!!!
    Follow me back?

  8. Never tried the Clarin but it looks great!


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