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Feb 5, 2012

♥ Get Kelly Rowland's Abz

I wanted to share this Ab workout video, it's of Kelly Rowland and her personal trainer doing an Ab work out. I think Celebrity fitness videos are great because it shows that they actually Do work for it.

I've said it before in THIS post, where I showed how the Victoria Secret Models work out.

I wouldn't necessarily do this work out myself but it's good motivation. What I really would like to recommend is the daily Ab work out for iPhone, I've had it for years, and recently I've started to do it every other day (don't over do it, your muscles need to rest in between).

The person that makes the daily Ab work out has also made daily cardio, butt, leg, arm, mix, yoga exercise aswell. You find them by searching for "Daniel Miller" in your app store..

Do any of you use this app?


  1. I'll try and download that workout. :)

    Oh and I awarded you with the Kreativ Blogger Award

  2. I would love to have her abs! Thanks for the link!

    I also want to let you know that I tagged you in the 11 questions post:)

    xoxo Pinkie:)

  3. I don't use any exercise apps but it sounds like I really should! I just try to get to the gym for at least half an hour everyday :D

  4. Svar: ja de e helt sjuka priser om man jämför med London :/

  5. I've been looking for good abs exercises so thank you so so much for sharing!


  6. this is cool to show...i hate when ppl hate celebrities for no reason they work hard too

  7. i gonna have to try this


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