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Feb 15, 2012

♥ Aztec nails ?

Lol my take on Aztec nails turned into randoms patterns.. half hearted try and I didnt really know what patterns to make. I think the thumb is the only one that looks nice.

Not to mention I was only bothered doing one hand..

Have you got a tutorial of how to do Aztec nails? Or a nice pic.. if so, link yours



  1. Love them! Love you patience! I would never be able to sit long enough!
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  2. love this style girl. sure you look fierce with them! Just gave you an award... hope you enjoy it and can participate!

  3. Cool nail art!

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  4. They are so nice! I'm way too clumsy to be able to do that, haha!

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  5. nope i havent tried... im not so creative Lol. And I cant imagine trying to copy the same design on the other hand

  6. Aw I love these! I always try to do patterns on my nails and my left hand looks good but my right hand is always a mess haha xxx

  7. Better than any job i can do! Love the colors!

  8. I love your nails, I did a design similar to that a while ago. I love when my nails don't always look exactly the same, it adds some uniqueness. I love your entire blog and I am now following :) Check out and follow my blog if you would like. :)

  9. they look very nice!



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