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Feb 11, 2012

♥ Gym Inspo

Just wanted to share some gymming tips since I went gym today :)
(I wrote them at the bottom)


 Whether if you run or not, it's good to get a top like this (or trousers) with an Ipod/iphone pocket. It's so useful and it just sits there whatever you do.

Oh today I did go gym but I hardly did anything. I just had a cold and I don't want to make it worse. Here is what I did:

-90 kg leg press x25
-18 kg (9 kg in each hand) lunges x30
-20 min power walk (inclined: 2, <- that means uphill) with intervals of running

 This is a pink runner top from Sweaty Betty, I think I bought it last year on sales. I love it!

To motivate yourself to go gymming, create a gym playlist. I have a "standar one", the one called 30 min gyym, that is my gym songs. The other ones are mixes I've made using songs I feel would motivate me at that time.

Get some new music and create a playlist the night before you go!

Dont starve yourself! I dont have any problems with this since I love to eat lol but If you want to really see results it's a good idea (and a good treat) to buy a nutrition drink like this one and drink straight after the gym (alternatively, eat a banana, it will do the job too!)

Some other important tips:

-Be smart! Are you one of those people who always do cardio (running, cross trainer etc) before you do strength/weights? Dont!
It is the wrong order, and if you do so, you might end up loosing muscle instead of gaining.
Explanation here: CLICK

-Dont be afraid to use weights. You will not gain a thousand kilos and become a man just because you touch the weighs. Even men struggle to build muscle so it's not even logical to think you would become more muscular than you want just because you use weights. Also, if you have more muscle, you constatly burn more fat.

- Plan your work out routine before hand, also to motivate you. Make sure you change it slightly every week (or however often you work out). This is really important because your body builds its new muscles when it recovers from your work out (which also means it's important to rest and not work out every day). When you work out hard, you put your muscles through something they're not used to, and they need to change (become bigger). If you do the same thing everytime they would not need to adjust, and therefore, not become bigger.

-Set realistic goals, if you never work out, and want to start. Don't buy a gym membership and promise yourself that your going to go 4 days/week. Usually, this wont happen. You will feel preassured into going gym, and feel like you've let yourself down when you dont.
What I do for example is use a pay as you go gym, and go ONCE a week.

What did you think of these tips?
Do you have any tips to share?
What do you wear to the gym?



  1. I need more inspiration to work out more, I usually go to the gym every week but lately I just can't be bothered ha maybe it's the cold weather! xx

  2. Awesome blog! I like that you post on a variety of different topics. :) And thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. They are very encouraging!

  3. I like that top! I registered into a gym but it's hard to make myself go more than once a week haha!

  4. Nice tips! I need to get back in the gym... ugh! lol

    xx Missy

  5. Thank you for this post. I thought about starting to go to the gym and your tips might be useful.

    Also thank you for your comment!!

  6. Love the neon shirt!!! I hope you reaching your goal is going really well!!! :) take care


  7. Those are great tips hun :) You look amazing! I used to do cardio before my weights and when I joined the gym I'm currently with now, the trainer told me that it's actually the other way around! Very surprising :D

  8. great tips!

    I have a gym playlist as well;)

  9. haha söt du är. ska försöka lägga upp mer om mitt träningsschema, har dock inte internet hemma. suck :( miss u . xx

  10. Part of the reason people join gym's is because they can go to a specific place where the one main focus is exercise and there are exercise machines of many different kinds to work all parts of their bodies. A gym membership can be the key to consistent exercise.

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