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Nov 11, 2012

♥ Face mist or Setting Spray

Face mist or Setting Spray

Uses for a face mist?

  • Your rushing in the morning, and need to quickly refresh your face.
  • You've been to the gym, and your face needs a pick me up before you get home and shower (Well, I don't shower at the gym, I don't know about you)
  • You've done your makeup, it's looking very matte and you want a more dewy look.
  • You've done your makeup, and want it to last- use the face mist as a setting spray.

Which face mist do I use..?

I only have the two face mists in the picture so I will tell you have I use these two, and for what.

Dermalogica Soothing Protection Spray (mentioned here)-
This has very nice ingredients. It contains Butylene Glycol after water (but it seems all face mist need this?), then followed by Glycerin, Extracts of: lavender, cucumber, camomille, wheat germ.. etc etc. Pretty natural and skin calming ingredients.
Use this: Instead of your moisturiser when you don't have a lot of time, or use this in your to go makeup bag if your skin needs a bit of extra moisture during very cold times, or very hot times.

The BodyShop Vitamin C Energising Face Mist-
This also starts with water, butylene glycol, but then polysorbate-20 before glycerin. After that there is actually a preservative, not sure why that needs to be that high up in the list? After that it's got hydrogenated castor oil and in the bottom there is ingredients such as Aloe Vera Juice. Since the ingredients aren't as good as the other one, I now use this as a setting spray or to give my makeup more of a dewy look. I used to use this after gymming too.

Do you use Face Mists?
Did you know they can be used as Setting Sprays?


  1. Great review hun, I wanna try e dermalogica one. I have been using the body shop vitamin e one for a year I love it!

  2. Mac fix+ is the only face mist I have used, it would be interesting to see how other face mists work in comparison.

    Thank you for providing me with the blogger template site, I really appreciate it :) x

  3. Love Dermalogica and use many of their products but didn't know this setting spray even existed. After seeing this post I'm going to check it out:)

  4. not yet but i want to use it thought but didnt g3t it yet

  5. Have you tried the Mac fixing sprays? I get so disappointed every time I use them, they just don't work for someone with oily skin :( xx Carolin from Min Boudoir


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