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Nov 10, 2012

♥ FOTD Every day look

FOTD Every day look

It's fair to say this is my everyday look. Only takes about 5 minutes, but it still makes a big difference to wear any coloured statement lip. I also don't do my hair when I get ready, I do it before I go to bed (braid out in my fringe or twist out).

My favourite Pout Paint from Sleek (see here).  To achieve this colour I actually mixed it with a lighter pout paint.

See how long my lashes on my right eye (LEFT for you looking at the pic) are.. does this happen to anyone else..? Only one eye of nice long lashes..

With my semi natural hair, it's evident to know how to plait hair, cain row hair and twist hair. Having only basic hair skills I only know what most people know- how to plait hair. So when my fringe is curly it's usually from plaiting. However, my boyfriend's sister recently showed me (tried to lol) how to make a twist. Took a few tried but eventually I managed to do ONE. This fringe is my first ever twist, I love it because it's a lot quicker than plaiting and quicker to take out. I'll definitely keep practising.

Dont forget to check out my Sleek Pout Paints Ombre lips & other mixes here.

What's your everyday look?



  1. I love this color on your lips, it suits you so well!!

  2. The long lashes happens to me ALL the time!!! One curls so much better than the other and it looks just like that hah! I love this look though, its so amazing and wonderful what some gorgeous lipstick can do, You are so beautiful!

    Angela @ The Lovely CUp

  3. Beautiful face make up, I like your lipstick colour

  4. You look great! I'm the same way when it comes to my makeup (cute, simple & under 10 mins) b/c majority of the time, I'm always in a hurry. The lipstick is adorable on you!

  5. your hair am our really cute ^_^ it takes time to learn how to style natural hair but you're doing great! And my everyday look is very similar to yours here. I keep my eyes very simple and play up on my lips :)

  6. U r so beautiful hun, love ur everyday look,I cannot do hair lol

  7. i never thought this color will suite anyone but it is looking so hot on your lips.. you really have an attractive face <3

  8. You look great, love your lip color :)


  9. You are so beautiful! Thank you for making this blog!


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