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Nov 22, 2012

♥ That's That Stuff I Don't Like" (Hair Bloggers Edition)

That's That (Ish) Stuff I Don't Like" (Hair Bloggers Edition)

1. When people wear weaves and their tracks are showing (it means you can see where the hair is sewn onto a cainrow on the scalp).

2. When people wear weave and don't clean their hair properly+drench it in grease (like mineral oil based products), and there is like flaky residue all over :/

3. When people with curly hair say that they have afro hair. Not, the, same, thing!

4. When people with wavy hair get relaxer. You hair looks great AND is manageable, why would you do this?

5. White caucasian hair that is frizzy, I just want to get a tiiiny drop of oil and smooth it down lool. (please no one take offence, my sister is white and has lovely long hair that gets frizzy, I love fixing it with some oil)

6. When girls with long hair sit in front of you on the bus, and the hair is like TOUCHING your bag or your stuff, because it's so long. And the person doesn't realise.

7. When hair vloggers on youtube always complaining about getting the question "what's your ethnicity". I still to this day don't understand why this is a problem? I always wonder what people's ethnicity are, it's interesting to know.

8. It's so frightening that MORE black women wear their hair relaxed, than women that wear it natural. NO, I don't mind relaxed hair, obviously half my hair is relaxed. I mind that MORE black women have relaxed hair, than natural hair. How strange would it be if more caucasian, asian, latino etc etc people rocked a life long CURLY perm, than those who wore their hair in its natural state.

Does anyone agree or disagree with me? Please share!

  • I was tagged by lovely Sdestra who writes a great hair blog! Don't forget to check her out. Thanks so much for tagging me, even though I am not exactly as much of a hair blogger as I'd like to.

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  1. Ha, very true! Altho back in 80s more caucasian women were probably wearing permed hair than natural to be honest!:D And yeah, I hate when theres a girl on the bus with long hair and she smacks me with it in the face or it's all over my bags lol ridiculous. BTW dont know how to fix that blogger pic upload, I might just buy more Gigs:( xx

  2. I agree with all I think. However no.7 I know some YTers take offense because the comment is usually "is that all your hair? are you mixed or black" indicating that a black girl can't have long hair lol. No.8 is okay - I think this will continue for a while until some (because some women have healthy relaxed hair) are educated about the benefits of natural hair

  3. I agree with some and disagree with some.
    Some black hair relax their hair for so many reason and I personally haven't relax my hair for the last 5 years but I can do that because I like it natural and its is also pretty much easy peasy to manage and not that hard to brush, but my little sister's hair is so long and unmanageable you can't but a comb or brush through it in its natural form , so I totally understand why she or anybody with that kind of hair will relax.
    Some women , me included think of our hair as an accessory so we change it and wear it anyway we feel most comfortable, so maybe they don't feel comfortable to wear it natural.

  4. I've had no photo issues after I got a pro account from Photobucket. You know, I bought space to store my photos and can link them from there as much as I like. Don't know if it helps, but... :D ♥

  5. I agree with 1,2,3,5 and 7. If I see someone with weave and the tracks are showing, I'm like FIX YOUR WEAVE WOMAN! It's not that hard. I also don't like seeing people with weave and their own hair texture does not match the texture of the weave hair. What the heck?! Don't you see that it's not matching?! SMH

  6. I totally agree especially with this statement
    «When people with curly hair say that they have afro hair. Not, the, same, thing!»
    Have a nice week end:)

  7. Love this!!! #thatsthatstuffidontlike!!! I feel the same way about black women with relaxers and not wearing their hair natural! I went natural 10 years ago and someone asked me if I was jumping on the bandwagon... I think more women should be natural!

  8. Lovely tag hun, thanks4tagging me &shout out *hugs*

    1&2 I really hate when weaves become too obvious&e hair is somewhat greasy I'm like what e hell!3 totally agree curly&afro are2different tings 4.obsessed w relaxer me thinks. 5. Don get me started lol 6. He he rofl u gotta be kidding me right coz that's jus gross, I'm not a violent person but I will sure pinch one who dares that sh*t on me 7. I guess this one can be personal hun some pple jus don wanna be asked & then they r some who been victims of racial abuse whilst growing up so I'm on e fence w that one really& 8. I do not want to imagine lol haha x

  9. I agree with all of your points! And I'm having the same problem with blogger. I now have to start using photobucket :(

  10. Interesting opinion. I love this blog :)

    Hope you'll come to visit me :))
    Kisses, The Spotted Cherry Pie

  11. No denying there is nothing more unattractive than a smelly, dirty weave. lol. Also agree that it's sad that more girls relax their hair than those who keep it natural. x

    Cherry Lips Cocoa Hips

  12. I understand your point hun, I am just staying the examples for you so that you won't feel so sad.
    I mean to say it is okay.

  13. LOOOL What a great post.. The tracks of the weave leave my skin fumin lool.

    I have to tag myself and do this post too :)


  14. I agree with you about the ethnicity thing. I'm always curious just for the fun of it. BUT the point of more black women with relaxed than natural hair is in my view not that big a deal. Hair is personal and people should be able to wear it the way they feel and a survey shouldn't be taken on that.

    Fun tag in general! xx

  15. honey you look like a star!! love that pic and the hair edition tag :))

  16. yes me too i dont know why people with wavy hair relax it. what i hate right now is when people ask me "hey why did you cut your hair?? you are stupid" or "you have nothing to do that why you spend so much time on your hair" people like chating too much on things they dont know about!

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  18. Love this post!

    With number 7, I definitely see your point. I think it's the way that people enquire about ethnicity that becomes annoying though. Like for me personally, I hate it when people make statements like "oh well you're mixed so that's why your hair is like that" when I'm not mixed lol, it's like why would you just make an assumption? I personally don't mind being asked, I just don't like the assumptions that sometimes replace a perfectly polite question lol.

    I had the same problem with the 1GB photo limit, I had to buy more space but it's really cheap - just a few pounds a month :)


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