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Nov 1, 2012

♥ TIGI Love Peace & The Planet Let it Be

TIGI Love Peace & The Planet Let it Be

Update: TIGI has contacted me to let me know that they do not sell their product to TK Maxx which means that it is old stock or distributed from a third party outside of the EU. They also informed me that this specific range (Love, Peave & The planet) has been delisted over a year ago. This means my product as at least a year old, which makes it OUT OF DATE. As the bottle says 12m (how long it lasts). I remember I was about to ask for the Best before date in the shop, I guess I should have. I wonder if they would have even told the truth. 

Please take this into consideration when reading this review.

I bought this from TK Maxx (TJ Maxx Am.) which is a sort of discount store. It was £3.99 and since I was looking for a new detangler/leave in conditioner it seemed perfect. Even more perfect was the fact that it was a "natural" product. Way too long ingredient list but at least the ingredients are good.

Packaging and Smell?

The smell is meant to be almond and cherrys but to be honest, I think it smells like Cherry Cola (Not in a good way, I actually like that drink). However the smell of a product won't affect how I feel about it anyway. Packaging is great, and the squeezy bottle is great for "pouring" into your hand or straight on to my new curly hair.


To start with, for people with curly hair- the slip is amazing (this means it makes it easy to detangle hair). With Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerine and Shea Butter as top ingredient I'd expect this to be rather amazing. It's not. The consistency is weird, it's really liquidy and heavy. But the worse thing is that as soon as you put some product in your hand, you'll notice that it is incredibly Sticky. I've never had that problem before, it's still sticky in your hair and almost has too much slip.


  • Great detangler with amazing slip
  • Natural Ingredients


  • Extremely sticky. Yuck.
  • Doesn't really moisturise hair that well to be honest.
  • Contains silicones which I generally don't use.

Ingredient Check?

  • Mineral Oil (/)
  • Silicones (√)
  • Parabens (/)

Have you tried any TIGI products?



  1. oh that's too bad it doesn't moisturize hair and it's sticky:(

  2. Hi Yolanda -great blog BUT any TIGI products sold in TK Maxx are 'diverted; This means they are old stock (as in the case here -we delisted Love, Peace and The Planet over a year ago -so it's old stock!) or acquired by a 3rd party (usually a disreputable distributor) from outside the EU.
    TIGI only sell directly to salons and professional-only wholesalers & a couple of partner websites.
    If you email your address to: We'll send you some products that are legal!

  3. Nearly bought this today, kinda glad I didnt now hehe xx

  4. Wow what a great review!!! I really liked that part from the packaging and smell, how is cherry coke smelling in a bad way haha!? Good to know about this cheap conditioner but i know what you mean with a very too long ingredients list!!!!

    Oh and btw, to answer your powder foundation recomendations here is some of my favs: Urban Decay has one and it actually comes with an applicator but still i prefer my real techniques brush better. A cheaper one is from if you like to shop online but a good variation of colours and setting powders. Then bare minerals do several of foundation powders but they leave me extremely glossy but i have an oily skin to begin with so maybe they'll work for you.
    I like to wear a tiiiny bit concealer sometimes just to get extra coverage but often i don't need it. Just make sure to apply it before the powder foundation!!!!
    Hope you'll try one and let us know then okay!!??/Azure

  5. I haven't tried this and I really like the detailing to your review!
    Thanks dear


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