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Nov 25, 2012

♥ EOTD Using MUA & Victoria Jacksson

EOTD Using MUA & Victoria Jacksson

I wore this EOTD yesterday when I went cinema with my boyfriend, to watch Skyfall.  It was a really simple and quick look to do. 

The green/brown shadow is the first ever MUA eyeshadow I bought. It's such a cool shade- at first glance it looks dark grey. But when it's swatched it's actually a green/silver shade surrounded by a black matte shade. It's like a two-in-one. Love it! I don't know why I haven't used it more recently since it gives such a nice, and effortless effect. I would say it has a built in transition eyeshadow.

I know this pictures are absolute rubbish, un focused, un even. taken in the evening. So sorry about that, but I was rushing :)

What do you think of this look?



  1. This is really pretty! Love it!!! We don't have mua in the states. If we did I'd definitely try it out!!!

  2. I LOVE this look...very pretty!

  3. Hi Girl,
    Just replying to your comment on my post, I have done so on my blog also but just incase you don't see it.

    I haven't had an issue with heaviness or smelling with the castor oil. It's JBCO mixed with a smaller amount of EVOO I did this to cut the oil so it's easier to spread as you know JBCO or castor oil is general is very heavy.

    I use a oil bottle i got from sally's with a thin nozzle and it only releases small amounts and then I just massage the scalp.

    I think if castor oil is used a couple times a week it can definitely weigh down your hair and make it appear greasy.

    I have been doing this for 2 years now, I started off by doing the 'Hairlista castor oil challenge' but I always slacked but I did noticed thickness. I just made it a staple step in my regimen instead of a 3 month challenge and it's thickened my hair, corrected my hairline which was thin due to genes and my scalp used to flake which doesn't happen anymore.

    I would recommend you tried it on a clean scalp for 3months and see if you notice a difference in thickness. I believe on a clean scalp it penetrates better to the hair shaft.

    (long answer, hope it helps )

    Maureen x

  4. So pretty as always hun, how was e movie?

  5. Nontheless you look very pretty :) Btw I'm going on hoiday to England in December and will be in London from you fancy having a quick coffee or something? :) xx

  6. Gorgeous. Natural, with a touch of the ethereal.

  7. Wow!!! Love it! Love the eye make up. It looks so light and natural. Hope that you post some tutorial of how to create this look =)

  8. This is gorgeous! Your blending techniques are amazing! x

  9. I love this look!


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