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Nov 3, 2012

♥ Stress Free and Sleepy

Neal's Yard Remedies Massage WorkShop

I was so excited to get invited to Neal's Yard Remedies massage workshop today.
Why? I love NYR as a brand, I love giving massages (yup full time masseuse, when I was younger for my mum, now for my boyfriend lol) and oils and essentials oils really intrigue me. The event/workshop was held ahead of the National Stress Awareness Day (7th November) which I think was a great idea, especially since I didn't even know about this day and really tend to stress a lot.

We got some goodies with us to put our new talents to the test :) Carrier oil and high quality Rose Essential oil from NYR. The candle below is super relaxing and all natural, smelling it already reminds me of the event.

 A super easy way if you don't have your own scented candle is to use one of these, put a night light candle in one of these burners, put water mixed with a few drops of essential oils at the top.

We learnt Indian head massage, hand massage and back massage and it was all taught by Elaine Tompkins who is their head of massage. For those who don't know Neal's Yard Remedies don't only do organic cosmetics they also teach massage courses and they also offer a variety of Therapies like Aromatherapy, acupuncture etc.

Hereis the info about the course if anyone's interested in trying it.

What do you do to relieve stress? 
& are you interested in massaging or just getting massaged lol :)



  1. I find massages definitely help relax me, I get terrible knots in my back, luckily my OH was trained to do massage for his sports course! I've massaged friends shoulders and backs before, but I hate the thought of massaging strangers though, that'd be too creepy for me! x
    Sirens and Bells

  2. I love getting massages; I just don't get enough of them. If I find some great deals on groupons in my area, I jump on it quick. lol
    I enjoyed reading your post and it does appear that you enjoyed the workshop and everything it had to offer. I find that some massage oil scent definitely help with relieving stress in addition to the massages being received.

  3. I love massages, I wish I had my own personal masseuse. X

  4. Seemed like u had fun hun, maybe u could massage me someday hehe


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