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Nov 2, 2012

♥ NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil or NYC Eye Pencil

NYX Jump Pencil or NYC Eye Pencil

I see people use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil as an eyelid primer. Since I don't use that product (or have tried any NYX products) I am not sure if it actually is a primer or eye pencil. Anyway, I thought why not try my favourite white eye pencil as a primer. It works surprisingly well.

Below is a swatch of an INGLOT eyeshadow first swatch on my hand, and then swatched on my hand on top of the NYC white eye pencil. As you can see it really does make the colour "pop" more and it make sit stay on for longer.

How to use it:

Start to draw, or fill in the area you want primed and then blend it all out, after that it should look something like in this picture. From my experience it works better with bright, matte colours as opposed to shimmery or especially shimmer light colours.

I used this in my previous EOTD (scroll down) and it really made the eyeshadow look more pigmented and intense.

Have you tried something like this, and have you tried the NYX jumbo pencil?


But it here for only £1.49 from Superdrug or here for £2.21 for shipping to America.


  1. It defintiley makes the color look so much better! I haven't used white as a primer, but I love to use white eyeliner to make my eyes pop and wake me up!

    That's so Fletch

    xo, Jay

  2. I use NYX jumbo pencils especially the nyx jumbo pencil in the white shade called milk. They are affordable, pigmented and last all day. You should give nyx a try

  3. The colour looks so much better with the White eyepencil underneath, Thanks for the tip :) will be giving it a go


  4. What a great tip! I will defo be trying this out x


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