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Oct 14, 2011

Blog award2

So I was tagged by this lovely blog (, Thanks ! <3

Link back to the person who passed you the award
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Share 7 random things about yourself
Name your favourite song:Dont have one.. maybe one by J.Cole
Name your favourite dessert: Pringles!!
What pisses you off: Dis honest people
When you're upset, you: Try keep my self occupied with something else
Your favourite pet: Dogs
Black or white: White
Your biggest fear: Getting old(er)
Best feature: Always honest
 Everyday attitude:Wow, dont know?
What is perfection: Achieving everything you want to achieve
Guilty pleasure:  Drink about 3 cans of coke/day
I've already written 7 random things about myself the last time I got tagged, HERE

10 blogs I'm awards this to...
COMING SOON! (IM TIRED), ill write it later

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