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Oct 20, 2011

My blog is a month old!

♥ My blog is a month old today! Woo .. 

I was using this blog as a personal blog before that, but I didn't follow any one, comment or have any comment.. and I was just blogging on and off. But I started exactly a month ago and I love it.


  1. Congrats Yolii!!
    You have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  2.'s a really tedious endeavor but I LOVE it! BTW....I need both your blouse AND clutch right away, lol!

    Twitter - @fashionpad

  3. This is right on time cos I just awarded you the Stylish and Versatile Blog award. Check my last post to know what to do...Congrats Yolii

  4. Congratulations! Keep up the great work. Your outfits are so classic with an edge!

  5. you look cute!

    congrats, I'm glad you're
    blogging : )

  6. U have molded n shaped such an exciting blog n its just been 1month

    Finally found the Blog Follow Button


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