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Oct 15, 2011


Omg I just made my own body/hair lotion.. I'm so excited!!
Im a bit funny with those things I'm obsessed wit organic stuff and I think it's so cool that you can make things yourself.. This was just a random experiment so I only know roughly what I would put in:
-3 teaspoons shea butter
-2 teaspoons almond oil
-1 teaspoon coconut oil
-1 teaspoon castor oil
-5 Drops peppermint oil


  1. Will give it a try, how was it?
    My hair is looking really dry lately and I only trust organic things.

  2. SNAP!
    I have a shea butter + oil mix I also use for my hair and body :)

  3. I use pure sheabutter with baby oil too....r

  4. Such a cool idea! Unfortunately I can't find these ingredients here in Greece :/

  5. I have all the ingrdients at home to make this... Esp since its about to b Winter

    And I will be Following... Follow back if you like

  6. Thought I'd reply to your comment here. I used shea butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, peppermint oil and some black Jamaican castor oil. Anything I could get my hands on really.
    You must let us know how your mix is working for you.

  7. That looks really good! I need to get back into making mixes with my Shea-Butter.

  8. That looks really good!!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!! I use it on my body and hair. I love it!! I will be making a new one soon though and I will definitely post the ingredients.

  9. Your hair looks real nice
    Have you ever thought about braiding it?


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