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Oct 10, 2011


So I though I'd create a new label, "Today's exercise".  There is a gym in my college and it feels like such a waste to not use it, since it's free.  It's really great aswell. I actually started last friday ..
Here is what I did today:
-30 minutes on the crosstrainer
-2000 metres (2km) rowing machine
-100 lunges , 85 kg. (20x5)

Do you go gym often, and if so, what do you usually do, any great tips?


  1. I find it too easy to give up if i go to the gym and use the machines, i prefer classes like body attack and spinning. Cant really give up in them so i have to force myself to push on. I have a cross trainer at home though, love listening to britney while im on it lol.
    Holli x

  2. I usually don't go gym but I'm going to hit the gym next Tuesday:)


  3. Oh please dont talk about gym!!!:( I am sooo lazy at exercising. Even when I go to the gym, comparatively, I do nothing.

  4. i am making an effort to get back in the gym. it's tough in college because i am still figuring out how to juggle classes, free time, homework, clubs/organizations, and now exercise...i'll really need to stay motivated. i think it's great that you have a gym plan though!

  5. I usually go to the gym 2-3times. I do spinning tue/thur and then a normal cardio/weights training on another day. SOMETIMES two days making it 4times.

    Weight training is good to get yourself toned

    I love some cardio though feels like I am working harder.


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