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Oct 14, 2011


I went to the gym today but I didnt do too much.. A power walk uphill and really fast for 30 min :)
And I finally found the perfect gym app! According to me that is..
Here are some screen shots..
And yeah im blogging from my ipod so dont know how this is gonna turn out..

-You can log what exercises you've been doing (picture1)
-You can put together routines, using your Own exercises, the built in ones, or a mix of both.(pic2)
- Pic3 shows some of the exercises in the list.. (you can add your own ones)
-Pic 4, you can add a routine into your schedules.. for instance if you want to do a BUM n legs work out on wednesday.

And yeah you can change the colors of the layout and the background, which I think is really good :)


  1. wow your doing a lot *O* well me.. I'm just doing cardio:) I guess that enough for me lol


  2. Thanks for your comment and yes I do my eyebrows myself...I'm a bit vain when it comes to my eyebrows! But thanks for the compliment:)


  3. I went to the gym yesterday morning for just 30 minutes too but I try to do the main things first like lift weights, a little cardio and then use the cycling stuff for 10 minutes

  4. Wow this is pretty cool! Is this an App you use?

    I try to workout daily but sometimes its so hard to get motivated!!

    xoxo Denise

  5. Now this app looks interesting whats it called?
    You need to check out the nike app! thats a good one x


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