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Oct 25, 2011

♥ See through

Just posting this to Not recommend it, if you've read my blog before you might know that I really like the LA Color nail polishes for £1..

l did take a look at the formula before I bought it and it looked a bit "watery"..

And it really was.. these are my nails after 4 coats! My whites are Really white so that combined with a see through polish is probably not the best combo.

I do really like LA Colors still though.. here are some post of polishes that came out great;

Click them!

What's your experience with LA Colors?


  1. I have only one and I didn't use it yet.
    This color looks great.

  2. Gorgeous colour! I cant believe how many coats it needed though, maybe it was just that shade? :/

  3. whenever I have to do more than 2+ coats... The wait for it dry always kills me.I end up messing at least a couple fingers along the wait

  4. love your post, and love the colour, is amazing!!

  5. OMG! That color is nice on you

  6. i love this color its so pretty! and thankyou so much for your comment and checking out my blog!

  7. too bad it took four coats, but pretty shade


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