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Dec 22, 2011

♥ Im a versatile blogger.. ?

I got this a week or so ago from

I also got the award from today

Thanks to you both.. Xx

Dont forget to check out their blogs!

This time ill try to Not write the same facts as the other times... I dont know.. do I have to write twice as much facts now because I was nominated twice? Ill try..


-nominate 10/15 other bloggers
-let them know they're nominated
-link the person who nominated you
-write 7 facts about yourself ( I did this twice)

1. I'm ridiculously scared of cats (to the extent I dream nightmares about them) , but I love dogs .
2. I moved to London 3 years ago, but I lived here when I was younger too.\
3. I have the coolest Granny! She's like a really funny friend aswell. She was on Come Dine with me and writes her own blog at
-And has her own cooking book HERE (on Amazon)
4. I love making my own natural lipbalms.. Im actually going to make one tonight.
5. I refuse to dance when I go clubbing (which I hardly ever do anymore and Im only 18 haha, started too early??).. if I dont like the music!
6. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years
7. I can usually do anything I put my mind to it..For example I randomly decided to draw a portrait of me and my bf the other day.. and it came out fine (I dont draw!)


8. I have always slept with teddys in my bed.. doesn't everyone?
9. I dont have any proper make up brushes
10. Im the kind of person that will defend ANYONE if they get treated badly, Im not a person to just watch and keep quiet
11. I consider Sweden an awfully racist country.
12. I have a thing for disliking things other people hype (or mainstream things), such as: commercial music, iphones (changing my mind now lol) etc. 
13. I always correct spelling mistakes if I know the person (Im pretty sure everyone find this annoying, but hey, when I misspell stuff I'd like to know, I bet everyones looking for spelling mistakes in this post now.. lol)

Wow 13 facts.. ! This should be enough..

I nominate (Sorry if you've been nominated before.. or by ME, I've written this a few times.. And you dont have to write the post if you dont want to)

I chose blogs that I think are great from my recent follower list :)


  1. congratulations!!!=)

  2. love your blog! hope you check mine and like it too!

  3. love your blog! hope you check mine and like it too!

  4. congrats!! and wow those are many interesting facts about u:)

  5. I enjoyed all your random facts! I agree massively with 12, I also really hate when things I like turn really popular...even to the point where I begin to dislike them! Not so much in beauty but fashion etc. xx

  6. härligt och höra hihi. jo tack, det är super här.. julafton är ju här hihi! åh men tack snälla du ♥
    va glad jag blir! god jul på dig =)

  7. Congrats on the awards :)

  8. Thanks for the love, cutie..............xx


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