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Dec 3, 2011

♥ Hair Care- Dabur Vatika Naturals Hair Fall Control

Dabur Vatika Naturals Hair Fall Control

I dont write about hair care very often but I am trying to grow out my hair, and I only use natural hair products. I read about this hair lotion in a blog (dont remember which one) and was suprised when I read the ingredient list. (EVOO*,  Cactus Extract, D-Panthenol, Perfume). Completely natural, one oil, vitamins, and a natural extract.

It is meant to prevent hair fall, and the Cactus Extract will supposedly do that..

So I got it today for £1.99 in my local hair shop, I'll be trying it tomorrow when I was my hair.

I would never have even looked at it if I hadn't seen it in that blog,
I just fin the packing so dodgy and cheap looking lol.

Only 4 ingredients, amazing!

Oh and I tried a tiny bit in my hair as I opened it, and it's really light so Im sure it would work for ANY hair type.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil*- High in antioxidants, including vitamin E, olive oil has a long history of use in moisturizing the skin and is a common natural skin care ingredient. It can help attract external moisture yet allows pores to breath. Olive leaf extract has toning, firming, hydrating and restoring qualities and helps maintain elasticity. Like olive oil, olive leaf extract also has antioxidant properties. Not only does it protect the skin from free radical damage caused by pollution and UV radiation, however, olive leaf extract also protects any polyunsaturated oils in products in which it is an ingredient.  Info from here

Cactus Extract- Cereus Grandiflorus (Cactus) Flower Extract is an extract of the flowers of the cactus, Cereusgrandiflorus (Obviously) Info from here

D-Panthenol- (Pro-Vitamin B5)—helps skin retain moisture and encourages proper skin regeneration. With anti-inflammatory and anti-itching benefits, d-panthenol also helps skin retain elasticity and suppleness. As a bonus, d-panthenol alsomakes it on the list of best natural hair care ingredients too as it improves the condition of damaged hair, reduces split ends and makes hair easier to comb. Info from here

Has anyone tried this.. how did you use it, did you get any results?



  1. Never seen this before but it sounds great and its such a good price!

  2. Never heard of it as well till now thanx for sharing honey,it sounds great I will check it out and glad it has very few ingredients too!

    Went bold 15months ago and started growing my hair naturally!
    Need2do hair update in e coming wks! I use Olive oil products now

  3. I was actually looking at the vatika products in boots the other day...but I'm currently suffering from product overload, so trying them has to wait!

  4. Hey hun,no thus not my real hair they r human hair extensions,am resting my natural hair for a while to promote growth!

  5. I'm in search of hair protecting products! Thank you for recommentation!
    Would you like follow each other??? Waiting for ressponse in my blog

  6. Hey is that true that Vatika don't have any side effects, as i am very sensitive i have to take care about it more...
    hair loss products


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