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Dec 11, 2011

♥ Ebay!?


So why a post with a picture of me and Snoop Dogg titled EBAY? Keep reading lool..

So I had a couple of unused stuff I though I'd try to sell it on ebay..

I had a look and I'm so confused..
Does anyone know:

Does it cost to SELL things on youtube? (like clothes, shoes)

What I'm planning on selling are these, all things used ZERO times, once and twice.

Original price: £150
Reason for selling: Wrong size
Size: 6
Used: Twice

Brand: Bianco (WEBSITE)
Original price: £40
Reason for selling: Wrong size
Size: 6
Used: Once

Brand: Jeremy Scott for Adidas
Original price: £100+ (probably I cant find the price anywhere, other people are selling for £70-£90 so I just guessed)

Reason for selling: So here to the "story".. I interned at ADIDAS during the summer 2009 and had to wore this when I met Snoop Dogg at Footlocker Ostreet.. Its a sample
Size:10 (38)
Used: Once

Brand: Max C
Original price: £40

Reason for selling: Present, I love this dress it looks great on, but unfortunately too small for me lol.
CLICK to see it in an online shop 
Sample too
Size: 8
Used: Never, tried it

Brand: Miss Selfridge

Original price: £40

Reason for selling: Don't use it
Used: Once


  1. Hey, You got some cute stuff
    I really like the adidas skirt, it looks super cute on.
    Unfortunately don't know to much about how to sell on ebay :(

    Kiwi ..x

  2. THAT SHOW, Snoop Dogg!

  3. Good luck!! by the way that skirt looked fab on you and u def. made snoop look good hahah


  4. I think you pay a small fee to eBay. All the best!

  5. Ye sit does cost to sell on Ebay. It's free if you post maybe one or two items. Honestly you would probably be better off having a blog sale where you just have a post with what you want to sell and how much they are and you can invoice the person through paypal. Which charges a few cents for their services I believe.

  6. Loves the blog!
    I read about 50 blogs a day also ! Hahah
    new at this,

    follow eachother?


  7. haha du och din jävla bytat :(

    kan man sälja saker på youtube?? säg till mig när du får reda på mer om ebay för jag har massor jag vill sälja...

    btw, just a tip, kolla om det finns secondhand i ldn som ger dig pengar för dina kläder. xxx

  8. The first picture is SO funny , love it !

  9. Great story, & at 1st I was like.. ebay? But cool pics : D


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