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Dec 8, 2011

♥ Lip tattoos?

 I've made this collage with pictures from HERE

I am so sure I saw this on sale in Topshop the other day, but I couldn't find them on the website, so I googled it and found these. (link above)
Personally I find this a bit too over the top, it seems uncomfortable and they don't seem to stay on after you eat, but maybe for a special occasion? Halloween or someting, lol.

Have you heard of/tried these before?


  1. Hi Yolandaas!!
    lip tattoo??? oh my god!! are we crazy?? :-P

    thanks a lot for follow our blog <3


  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, I am so intrigued by these, but I am the same I feel they are far to over the top for everyday wear xx


  3. Hi girl, thanks for your comment on our blog. it is a new template so we are still working on where to put the blog following buttons. But if you like us, please follow us on blogloving ;)or through blogger following;) THANKS SO MUCH!!

  4. Halloween or a special party would be the only time I would think about rocking these. It's just too much and talk about a man repellar!!!

  5. Thats so funny you did this- I was just thinking about these.
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  6. Wow. I've never seen this before. I'm with you though, they're probably only good for something like Halloween. But if you eat something it would be kind of weird, like the middle part of your lip is normal, and the sides are leopard... good luck trying to meet a guy. Haha

  7. love it dear!
    thanks for your comment and follow you=)
    kisses pretty=)

  8. What a fun post!! Love your blog!!


  9. I do alot of stage make up so I'm in love with these. Always finding new & crazy designs! xoxo

  10. thank you.. no someone else did it for me! yes I've noticed this too, thats because she took meeknmild cityglam and some other blogs as examples!


  11. Ja dessa verkar ju väääldigt obekväma tycker jag. Skumt med Mac stiften, jag gillar dem. Alla förutom deras cremsheens, de blir väldigt skumma på mig.

  12. Yea I would only do this for haloween or if I were a MUA for a shoot or something.

  13. Definitely interesting! Maybe for a fun night out...

  14. SO funny ! Perfect for party !

  15. I found this super cute site where you can buy them. I was looking at a vanity case on the website.
    They have loads of different styles. I don't think I'm brave enough to try them out though!


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