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Dec 31, 2011

♥ My Beauty essentials

These are my beauty essentials.. The things I buy over and over again.. If I have these I basically don't need anything else :)

Do you use any of these?

Bronzer from the Bodyshop and Isadora. Bought the Bodyshop because the Isadora one was running out and I can't by it in England. The basically look the same on.

Eyebrow pen from Rimmel (I use any pen though, but I like that this one has a brush on it)

Sleek pout paint... and lipbrush from Elf..

Face mist.. Im not really one to use powder on my face (well I dont even own a powder).. my face isn't oily and its not dry. So I use this facemist because it smells nice (lol) and to give my face a glow :) Use this after the gym aswell!

Nail oil !! Only thing that works for my nails.. this is an old container, just fill it up with any oil! Africas best herbal oil works really well..

ANY lipbalm.. Currently loving the ones I make myself!!

Body oil!
The one to the LEFT (had to use an old photo.. I actually googled it and my blog was the first blog to show up, how ironic?)
Africas Best Herbal Oil- Contains natural oils only+perfume, read here
The reason I wouldn't recommend Hot Six Oils is because it contains Silicones..

The other one I recommend is Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Oil :)


This really is my absolute favourite mascara! Better than any normal brand like loreal, Clarins etc etc.
Its £2 in Boots.. and the brush doesn't look great, I think it's the formula, it feels like a "lash build" mascara.. they just get longer and longer..

Gentle nail remover pads..

These are the superdrug ones.. I know theres another brand (that bright pink one, you know what Im talking about).. why I prefer these is because it makes your nails really conditioned? They feel OILY when you are finished instead of dried out. And the nail polishes comes off easily.
Oh, and it smells GREAT.

What are your beauty favourites??



  1. I love the natural collection mascara, it's so amazing for the price!


  2. Oooh, you have the goods! lol My faves are pretty much anything ELF, cuz I'm kinda cheap lol

  3. Happy New year! Love Bert's Bees stuff!

    I love my babylips lip stuff I got for Christmas!

    Great reviews!

  4. Have a fantastic new year. Love the post!

  5. sV; tack sötis :)
    jag har försökt att kommentera på din logg, men det har inte gått :/

  6. thanks hun :)
    I have the same perfume (by BS)
    have a nice year too **

  7. some great pointers here I might consider for the coming year! Happy new year girl :)


  8. Love the mascara! Great picks!


  9. Happy new year hun,wish u a happy&blessed 2012

    I love that Rimmel eyebrow pencil,I use it all e time,also love Palmers body oil. Those nail polish removers are a pain for me,I use more than 5 every time lol. Great picks u have

  10. Face mist? Very interesting, I have never tried it!happy new year!

  11. sv; jag vet inte, men när man tryckte på kommentera så hände det aldrig något :/ men nu går det! :D

  12. Love hurts bees , how do you make your own lip balm ? xx

  13. My favourite mascara for holding a curl is Natural Collections waterproof mascara. It's surprising how well it works for such a little price tag! Happy new year :) xx

  14. I love burts bees chapstick, sooo good!! I just cake that stuff on, lol! Have a happy New Year!

  15. Crazy about your blog. Can't wait
    to try the African Herbal Oil.

  16. Åh vad mycket fina saker! Jag gillar många av de där också! Och så älskar jag isadoras smink! :)

    - hahaha!<3

  17. i love the burts bees lipbalm its the only lipbalm i use


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