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Dec 6, 2011

♥ Nail comparison VIDEO

So I had some old video clips in my Iphoto library from when I tried out two silver polishes. I was meant to make a video but I'm actually new to iMovie and find it a biiit annoying. I used to make a lot of videos before but that was in Windows Movie maker.. so excuse my poor iMovie skills this is the first time I ever used it!

And I know everyone might not like listening to bashment/reggae but I though that was the best choice to avoid having it deleted due to copyrights.. 

Here's the written comparison:



  1. nice color! i love that it already looks good after the first coat :) have a wonderful day!

    p.s i've followed you back but GFC is being silly so you might not see my photo? take care! hope we keep in touch!

    x jamie

  2. Love the nail polish!



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