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Dec 1, 2011

♥ Exercise

I cant wait to start working out again.. I had JUST started to work out again (read, my favourite fitness app: when I got sick!
 Nothing dangerous I just have this horrible cough that wont go, had it for over one month. Hoping it will go soon so that I can get back to the gym!
Remember even the "best" arn't born like that, they work hard for it. 
How the Victoria Secret models work out.

Not exactly the body I strive for I prefer being bigger, but everyone's different.

Do any of you go gym?



  1. I TRY (keyword being try) to go at least 4x a week. I don't really like it but I know its a must if I want to reach my goals. Coincidence: I JUST made a post about quick exercises for ppl who don't have alot of spare time :)

  2. thanks for your sweet comment!!!
    now I follow you...follow me back???
    keep in touch!

  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comment :)! (I've replied back btw)
    I love excercising and going to the gym... It always puts me in a good mood lol x

  4. Nooooo and I'd love to go back to it!!! But I really don't have time! I would like to try yoga!!

  5. that's awesome! thanks for sharing. I like to work out, but I hate the gym. I prefer doing stuff at home haha

  6. I actually just joined a gym about two weeks ago so it was really interesting to see the workout videos. Thanks for sharing. Following. Hope you can stop by soon.

    xo erica

  7. Loved the videos doll, very motivating!*


  8. it's sooo hard for me to get back into the workout routine sometimes....but after the vs's TIME!!:)

  9. Exercising is so not my thing... I have to exercise my mind first just to get my mentality there but once I do get into IT... It is quite rewarding. If only I could stick with it

  10. LOve your blog ! SUch a great post !

    Follow you, follow back ?

  11. Thanks for sharing those videos! Very useful!


  12. I do sometimes and on tuesday and thursday I take zumba!

  13. now... i WISH i could be motivated to work out. if i'm having a really bad day, i try to do as much as i can. haha.

    thanks for sharing these videos!

    ps. just wanted to let you now that this whole month, i'm hosting a giveaway every week! currently, there's a stunning bodycon dress up for grabs! (the retail price is $230!) i hope you'll stop by soon & join! :)

    cindy - design3rd

  14. Thanks for your suggestion! I'll try it!

  15. lucky you
    I haven't been working out for 2 years now

    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    The Dolls Factory

  16. oh my gosh i am so jealous of her body!! great blog post! definitely following your blog! hopefully you can follow mine too :)

  17. lol i've been slacking on the exercise lately..just been doing yoga. i need to get back to doing more cardio but those are nice inspiration/how-to videos!!


  18. Inspirational Video, Good that you have shared these Videos.

  19. ha these are soo cool! I had no idea they shared their work outs!

  20. I love running as my main form of exercise, but because it's a bit too cold for me to run, I've been doing workout videos. Oh my gosh. I have never worked so hard.


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