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Jan 12, 2012

♥ Bodyshop nail polish

I bought this polish a week ago or so, well I got it for free when I bought other stuff from Bodyshop. Usually, as I've said before I don't like black nail polish but when there is glitter in it I think it's alright.

I only used one coat and I was so suprised when I noticed how covering it was.. It's so pigmented!!

I'm really impressed by this, usually I think all polishes, cheap or expensive- are all the sam. But I really recommend this.


Have you tried Bodyshop's polishes?



  1. Your nails look great, especially after 1coat

    I haven't tried Body Shop nail varnish either
    But looking at your nails they look great :) might have to purchase some.

    Kiwi ..x

  2. Ohh I like, it's very beautiful !!

  3. Ooo looks like it comes out with the perfect amount of color and glitter! xx

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  4. i have never tried a nailpolish from the bodyshop, but now i saw yours i thnik i should get one :) beautiful colour!!

  5. Tack så jätte mycket! Enormt kul att du vilja min blogg,det värmer! Sprid gärna min blogg vidare till andra :) // suss

  6. Gorgeous colour! I have seen the body shop makeup range but never noticed they have nail polish hehe thanks for sharing

    And oh yeah the body shop Lychee blossom body butter been there a good while jus purchased 3rd time now. I love Moringa one as well have u tried it hun?

  7. Nope I never tried them but I like this one, I have bought a similar one on asos but it's purple.

  8. so pretty!

  9. I didnt even know bodyshop did nail polish :-o

    Holli x

  10. whaaaat?? I didn't even know bodyshop made nail polishes... this one is sooo cooool!!

  11. Oh wow! The finish reminds me of those lovely pebbles you find on the beach! Lovely, so unique!.

  12. Love that color! I have an OPI color that's really similar and it's one of my favorites to wear...especially in the winter!

  13. it's great! Can't believe you jst used a coat. This is perefect, you can skip the whole, painting the bottom and then adding the glitter :)

  14. wow only one coat...that's pretty amazing considering every nail polish I've tried I need at least two! Your nails look great...and I think everything looks better with glitter ; )

  15. Awww this is pretty. I like it.. looks a bit like galaxy nails.

    Also, I gave you 'the versatile blogger award', on my most recent blog post. (It's the same post from earlier, I just edited it with another award).

  16. I love this nail color! I have been obsessing over glitter nail polish lately!

    I'm following you now!

    That’s So Fletch

    xo, Jay

  17. pretty nail polish!!
    thnx for stopping by & leaving me a comment :)

  18. love this nail polish!


  19. I've never tried their nailpolish, this looks amazing!

  20. Fantastic nail polish, love its glittering effect!!

  21. wow! i had no idea they even had nail polishes and I'm so amazed that is one coat only! it's so pretty it reminds me of the night sky or something! very nice and slightly unique for a black polish!


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