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Dec 3, 2012

♥ The Body Shop Colour Adapting BB Cream

The Body Shop Colour Adapting BB Cream

The reason that it took me so long to review this is because I sort of have mixed feelings about it. My first impression was "wow". I blended it in to my skin, and it really did adapt!

My problem is that

a) It's the wrong shade for me, it's way too dark. Which is a shame because it is the darkest shade out of 3 different ones- so which one are black people meant to use?
b) It is veery light coverage, so much that I don't really think there is much of a difference.

You can see what you think for yourself in these pics of me. I have NO makeup what so ever, I did NOT use "soft skin effect" on my camera and it is NOT edited, not even light/contrast, temperature or anything. The difference I can spot is that my under eyes look slightly brighter and  possibly more even skin tone.

This is what I love about this! Despite this being the wrong shade for me, I think what the colour adapting really is- is that it adapts to the undertone of your skin! How cool is that :)

  • It's white from the start, and if you look closely you can see small dots, they are filled with pigment and burst when blended. 
  • In the second pic I've lightly blended blended it and you can see that the colour is starting to come through.
  • 3rd Pic- it looks super pink/orange! 
  • 4th Pic- it has MAGICALLY adjusted to my undertone (which is yellow)

Find the ingredients here:

Do you like BB Creams?
Have u tried this one?




  1. I've never tried bb creams. I keep seeing them on blogs and YouTube, but I've never thought about getting one. I guess because my skin is so sucky that I need a full coverage foundation. But I think it looks really good on you!

  2. i've tried the maybelline, and the garnier, and the urban decay naked one and all in all i'm quite disappointed because they don't cover (the garnier one does calm irritation though
    i do use the Asian bb creams currently using missha choboyang and Perfect cover and they cover perfectly and feel amazing on my skin!!

  3. I was wondering how many shade variations they have. Such a shame they don't have more to offer. Nice review! I actually see a nice difference, it's very subtle and it looks very natural. So I guess if someone wants a very very natural look then this might be the way to go. (Jonesy @


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