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Dec 9, 2012

♥ Wash Day- Transitioning Diaries Pt.6

Wash Day- Transitioning Diaries Pt.6

Although I pretty much do the same every week when I wash my hair, I realised I might actually make a blog post of this to show exactly what I use, and what I do.

To start with, I wash weekly. I use shampoo every week but don't really deep condition too often. Check out my DIY deep conditioner here and my DIY protein treatment here.

So what do I do?

  • Pre Shampoo- Using the oil mix to the right in the picture. This mix is always roughly a 3rd Castor Oil. I apply it too my scalp since Castor oil is meant to strengthen and thicken your new growth. After that I apply this oil or any other oil in my whole hair. Depending on how much time I have I either a) put cling film on it, and sleep with the oil in my hair. b) leave it in for however long I can.
  • Shampoo- I use a Cleansing Cream (link), Sulfate free Shampoo (link) or if I for some reason have used Silicones in my hair (i.e when I straighten my hair using ApHogee green tea mist.) I will use a sulfate shampoo. This doesn't happen often.). See my straightened hair in this post.
  • Condition- Using my Tresemme Naturals conditioner (review here). This has amazing slip so it's really easy to detangle my new thick and curly growth. I section my hair (not neatly or anything) and make sure to completely cover my hair in conditioner while sort of finger detangling it as I go.
  • Drying- When I've washed out my conditioner, I gentle squeeze it to remove excess water. I then wrap it in a towel, head to my room, then take it off straight away. Now I apply Coconut Oil mixed with Peppermint oil and give myself a quick scalp massage. The peppermint oil will give a cooling sensation while your hair is drying, preventing itchiness. I then apply some Coconut oil all over my hair, and wait for it to dry!
  • Finished!- For my hair to fully dry will obviously take somewhere between 3-4 hrs (never taken the time). So what I usually do is, wait for it to dry for about 3 hrs, and then if the next thing for me is to go bed, I just do a braid out and it will be dry in the morning. If I am going somewhere, I'll just let it dry as long as I can, and then apply the leave in conditioner that you see in the pic (from Curls) and slick it back in a bun. I then apply Castor oil to my edges and brush it back with a slick brush. I use Castor oil because it's thick and gives a light hold, and to prevent thinning of my edges. 
Do you have a post on your wash day?
Do you do anything that I do, or use any products I use?


See my hair regime post here, with ALL products I use!


  1. Just discovered your blog from a hair tag on NHCG. I also do the same procedures and I love using castor oil on my hair too. Loove your blog!!


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