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Dec 3, 2012

♥ Transitioning Diaries Pt. 5- Curlies Length Check

Transitioning Diaries Pt. 5- Curlies Length Check (7 Months)

So I finally got around to do my first curlies length check. For those who don't know I am growing out my naturally curly hair (read more here). About a week ago, I actually posted a "length check" on straightened hair, but it obviously wasn't an accurate one since I've cut off a lot of dead ends, it was more so to show that it is more healthy than before.

*STRETCHED (Oh lord)

The picture below is showing some random curls, to give you an idea of what my curl pattern is like. I actually have some bigger ones at the front but I couldn't get a good picture. For people with afro hair it is common to name different Curl Patterns by Hair types like 3a-3c and 4a-4c. Not exactly sure which I would be, I am guessing 4b- 4c? If anyone think they know, please comment down below.

Obviously all curls are not the same, the one to the is actually not pulled out, its just more lose. The ones on the right, look like most of the curls on the top of my head.

To give a fair picture of how much my hair has actually grown. This is my hair pulled out and I'd say the line where my curly hair meets the straight hair is just below where my hand is, so a tiny bit shorter than it looks in the picture- pretty average for 7 months! There is no point in getting obsessed over growth so I am just happy it has grown at all.

Is this how you thought my hair looked like? (for those who have followed my transitioning)
Any transitioning or natural hair tips/products?



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  2. I think you're probably between a 4a/4b because your curls are pretty defined!!

  3. Your curls are so pretty! :) I think it's so wise you decided to transition your hair, it'll look amazing once you're done with it :) <3

  4. I agree with Nikki, you are a 3c. you have beautiful curls...I can't wait to see what it looks like when you cut off your relaxed ends. Personally, I love being natural and would never get a relaxer again.

  5. Lol yes I agree, our curl patterns are similar! It's weird, even our blog posts on it are slightly similar too lol
    I was just wondering, do you have a post on how you style your hair during your transition? I've read the straightening ones
    Oh and thank you for adding me to the blogs u like page, that's really nice of u! :) Happy new year! Xx


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