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Dec 14, 2012

♥ Gym Day- What to eat?

Gym Day- What to eat?

After way too long, I finally went back to the gym yesterday. I enjoy going gym, and I don't struggle to do what I have to do when I am there- but I literally hate taking myself to the gym lol!

Anyway, this is what I had to eat, I thought I'd share it in my blog since both the breakfast and lunch are cheap, easy to make and healthy!


  • Freshly squeezed orange juice (I used 5 clementine sized "juicing oranges")
  • Fruit salad containing banana, apple, orange.
  • Two scrambled egg, boiled would have been better but I was being impatient.

Lunch (After work out)

  • Nourishment drink, contains a lot of vitamins and protein, but is by no means healthy. 
  • Tuna salad, salad, avocado, tomatoes, feta cheese, salad cheese and tuna.

When you go gym it is important to eat a lot of protein because that is what your body will use to actually change and build muscle. I thought these meals were great to share because I naturally eat a lot of protein, meaning I never though "let me eat this because I've been gym, and it contains protein". Egg, tuna, avocado and the nourishment drink contain a lot of protein :)

What do you eat when you go gym??


  1. Good diet.
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  2. I've actually wondered about this before, really useful post :)

  3. Mmm that salad looks tasty! I'm starting my workout plan next week. Thanks for sharing


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