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Dec 2, 2012

♥ Contouring Using ELF Palette

Contouring Using the ELF Palette

Contouring is not something I do every day, but when I do- I usually use my NYR Organic Bronzer (review here) or this one from ELF. I am discovering new uses for this palette every single day, which is why you see me mentioning it so often lately. Definitely a great buy!

How to do a quick every day contoured look?

  • You need a medium sized brush- bigger than a eyeshadow blending brush, but smaller than your normal face brush.
  • To determine where to shade, suck your cheeks in and make sure you have the sort of lighting that will reveal the shadows in your face.
  • Where the shadow falls on your cheek bones, that's where you apply the shadow.
  • Use quite a lot, and then start blending it with your contouring brush lightly.
  • Using a normal face brush (blush or powder brush) start blending the harsh lines out even more.
  • Done!

Check out my contouring and highlighting chart here :) 

What do you use for contouring?



  1. That looks great! I'll no doubt be having a go at this myself soon.
    Lovely blog x

    # ❁ teen dreams...
    Musings of an indecisive cat lady.

  2. Awesome! I also use an Elf Bronzer/Brush palette to contour and highlight

  3. wow! i think I'm gonna try this on my next elf mini haul!! i currently use the elf studio blushes and concealer to highlight nd contour


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