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Dec 23, 2012

♥ INIKA Natural Eyeshadow

INIKA Natural Eyeshadow

Guess if I was happy to see a full sized organic makeup item in my #bbloggersxmas goodie bag (here)? I hadn't heard of this brand before but I think the packaging and design looks very nice and pretty expensive. From looking at the website, you can get this for £14.50 from here (link).

As you can see in this swatch, it's very pigmented and pretty smooth in texture.

Not the best look, but I was sort of in a hurry when I did this. Just an example of how you can create a quick look using their eyeshadow and their black organic eyeliner (also from the goodie bag). 

To the left is the shadow non-blended and on the right is the same shadow on its own, and blended.

 This is the packaging, I'd say the ingredients are those of the standard "mineral eyeshadow", so nothing really special.

Has anyone tried this?
What's your favourite organic/natural makeup brand?



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