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Dec 10, 2012

♥ DIY: Luxurious Argan and Rose Facial Oil

 DIY: Luxurious Argan and Rose Facial Oil

Another DIY guys! I have shared another DIY facial oil not so long ago. That one was meant to be very affordable, but still nourishing and effective. I've been using that one ever since I posted it on my blog, but as it just finished- I decided to make a different one this time. Having been curious to try Pure Argan Oil for quite some time, I finally gave in and decided to get it today.

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Here is my Argan Oil & Rose Oil luxurious facial oil recipe:

  • Amber Glass Bottle with dropper- Neal's Yard Remedies £1.50 here
  • Roughly 35% Hemp Seed Oil- Good Oil £4.99 for 250 ml. here
  • Roughly 65% Argan Oil- Mia Flora £7.99 bought from Holland & Baretts
  • 10 drops of pure Rose Absolute essential Oil (*)- Neal's Yard Remedies £16.75 here
  • A squeeze of Vitamin E- Holland & Barett Vitamin E Oil £7.65 here

Rose oil is very different to any other essential oil I've tried. Except for being a whopping £16.75, it is a dark orange oil that I am guessing is very thick, since it's quite hard to get out of the bottle. I tried to show you in this picture what it looked like, seeing as I held it with my left hand while pouring it- the pics slightly blurry!

So far I absolutely love this mix. I have to say the Rose scent and the fact that it contains Argan Oil makes it feel soo nice. It's also slightly thinner than my last one which is nice when you use it on your face. Oh, and I got the Rose Oil from the NYR massage event I attended recently, read my post on that here.
Do you use facial oils?
Have you tried Rose Oil before?



  1. sounds promising.. would love to try this product.

    Marisha Wick
    Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  2. I hate the smell of roses. They remind me of old ladies. I do use argan oil loads though. I brought back litres from Morocco!

    Great idea. I guess you could use other oils too. xx

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  4. Nice and rose essential oil is supposed to be good for wrinkles too. I would probably substitute neroli oil though because to me, that is scent perfection.

  5. very nice
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  6. Hi! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for the details on it =)

  7. Great idea, I may try this :)

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  9. Great post hun, I love using facial oils my faves are 100% argan and aromatherapy associates nourishing face oil!

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