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Dec 19, 2012

♥ New in: Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brushes

Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brushes
First Thoughts!

You might or might not know I am a big fan of Real Techniques brushes. I have the eye brushes, the starter set. And those are practically the only brushes I use. Having duplicates or tons of similar brushes, or any make up items- is something I don't do. However, I felt like I needed one more eyeshadow brush, as I have to keep cleaning them, while using them. Foundation is something I rarely use, but I though one good quality brush might be useful!

1. "Multi Task Brush", described as "For effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer".

  • First thoughts: I can only compare this to the Real Techniques blush brush (see here) and this is slimmer, and more dense. However, it is not very dense, it's super soft and I'd probably use this for bronzer. 

2. "Essential Foundation Brush", described as "Build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer".

  • First thoughts: Well, it is pretty small compare to other foundation brushes, and a lot of people say they prefer using it for concealer. Personally I think it looks way too big for concealer. Another thing is that it is pretty thick for being that small. I am yet to try this.

 "Domed Shadow Brush", described as "Tapered design smoothly shades and defines eyes".

  • First thoughts: I haven't tried this, but I would say that it is pretty similar to the "base shadow brush" (see here). This brush will probably be used the most for blending.

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Does anyone have any of these brushes?
What's your favourite Real Techniques brush?



  1. I always saw this brand of brushes at Walmart, so I thought they probably aren't any good LOL obviously I'm wrong if this is the brand you usually use! I will try them :) and I like to have a lot of brushes because I don't wanna wash them so often...same reason I like having lots of clothes, do laundry less often hahaha

  2. These are on my current wishlist - I've heard that they are so good - glad you're enjoying them!

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  4. the expert face brush is definitely one of my fav!

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