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Dec 22, 2012

♥ Stronger hair, nails & nicer skin?

What Vitamins I Currently Take

I always take some sort of Vitamins, but for years I've been taking multivitamins pretty consistently but experimenting with other vitamins such as nail, skin and hair vitamins. These are the ones I take right now. Some people say vitamins aren't necessary if you eat right but I really believe the counter argument to that which is that all the food we eat these days (healthy or not) has been processed so much that it's most likely Not as beneficial as it would have been back in the days.

Why do I take these vitamins?
*Don't quote me on any of the following info, as this is just what I "know" at the top of my head.

Zinc: My most recent addition. Other than the fact that Zinc and Vitamin C go well together, I recently read that Zinc can help improving your skin. After discovering a few very unwelcome stretch marks on my legs :(, I wen't and bought Zinc straight away. The last reason is that Zinc is said to "neutralise" the side effects of Biotin, such as breakouts.

Biotin: We all probably know by now that Biotin is said to aid hair and nail growth. I am not sure if it does but I am sure that it is definitely helping in some way. Side effects for some are breakouts and head aches. I haven't experiences either.

Vitamin C: To support my immune system as the label says lol. Since moving to London I've had soo many colds. Pretty inevitable when you travel using public transport, but I will try my best to fight of colds!

Multivitamins: Brand being Tesco (UK Supermarket) I am not sure how much they know about Vitamins, and what research has been put in. As far as I know, with multivitamins they usually don't contain 100% of every vitamin and mineral. I am guessing this is to take into consideration how well they work with each other etc. Anyway, this one does contain 100% of everything, but they are cheap so why not.

What Vitamins do you take?
Any tips for fighting off cold/hair growth aids?



  1. I take biotin now. I definitely see a difference in my hair. I don't take zinc yet, but it helps with piercing healing supposedly from a piercer I know. So I'm not a surprised its good for your skin. I'll definitely start taking that. I haven't felt any of the syptoms from biotin either.

  2. I take Biotin - it's amazing for hair growth but it makes my hair toooo thick which I don't like. I was taking biotin last year and my nails (Which were non-existant) grew past my fingers in about 2 months. I love the stuff!

  3. Great post hun and hope you can provide links I can order those online, can't get them in Greece anywhere.
    Have a wonderful Christmas love.

  4. I've been using fish oil supplement for about a month now. So far so good.

  5. Wow ds is really helpfl I wld consider vitamins cos truely u dnt gt vitamins 4rm food.

  6. I take Holland & Barrett ABC multi/Vitamins and recently I have started taking Glucosamine Sulphate for joints. (Old age lol) I just have a bad knee and I am hoping it will help.
    I have considered Biotin in the past, I might add it to my other two and see if I notice any difference in my hair length.

  7. I take biotin also and I definitely noticed faster growth. How many do you take a day?

  8. I have definitely noticed much faster growth with biotin, also improved growth with MSM. How many of the biotin tablets do you take a day?

  9. I use amino acid tables too
    As u know hair is protein amino
    So to aid growth u need to increase amino intake
    I got mine from holland and Barrett


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