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Dec 9, 2012

♥ Queen Amina Shea Butter Review

Queen Amina Shea Butter Review

I got this Shea Butter from my lovely Aunty who recently attended a networking event. I think she told the man who sells these products that her niece has a blog, and he offered to give her some Shea Butter that I could review.

It isn't a Shea Butter mix or whipped or anything, so it is just Shea Butter. In the past, I have done a few post on Shea Butter (read my most recent one here), and I have tried a few different brands. This actually really surprised me positively.

I'm not going to review Shea Butter on it's on, you'll have to read my previous post for that. But what I love about this product is that it is very creamy, not sure if he has melted it or anything- but compared to the other Shea Butter I have.. this is soo soft and easy to work with.

There is a mention of this on their facebook page saying: "Queen Amina Organic Shea butter is handmade and the technique used produces a sublime softness creating an experience only royalty can describe and certainly, Queen Amina would have said the same."

I used it on my face this night actually, since my DIY facial oil had just finished! It was greasy when applied, obviously, but when I woke up my face felt very soft!

Where do you get Shea Butter from? 
How do you use it?


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  1. I buy my shea butter at a afro shop. I also use it at night on my face and sometimes my elbows and knees if they are extra dry. Can't be ashy lol

  2. I get my shea butter from Africa . I am fortunate to have some of my aunts bring me some every time they visit. I mostly use it for my hair because its unprocessed the smell is pretty strong.

  3. Shea butter is so popular in costmetics and skin treatments. Nice post. I read total Post. It’s really nice. Thank you for sharing.........

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