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Mar 23, 2012

♥ DIY: Sweet Orange Lipscrub

I know most of you probably know how to do this since it's not at all complicated. But I thought I'd show those who don't know, and reminds those who do. I also thought it would be fun to show my own version :)

  • I used a lipbalm travel jar from Primark (it comes in a set of 3 lipbalm jars and three lotion bottles, for £1). 
  • Fill the jar half way or a bit more with Castor Sugar
  • Pour Jojoba Oil so that you just about cover the sugar, if theres more space, add more sugar & oil subsequently.
  • Finish off with adding Sweet Orange Essential Oil
 Alternatives: You can use: salt instead of sugar, although I wouldnt, any other oil instead of Jojoba oil, Fragrance or any other essential oil (like Peppermint Oil) instead of Orange Oil

Hope you liked this. Do you use your own lip scrub or do you prefer the Lush ones?



  1. This is a great post! I use the Lush ones but you have inspired me to try this and save some money.

    Emma xo

  2. oh!!! I want this! you should send me this one lol!

    I love mine from Lush :D but I would love to try out yours;)

  3. I tagged you to do the 11 questions tag on my blog :D x

  4. So nice and neat! I love my LUSH bubblegum scrub and as there is no LUSH in my country, i'll defo give this a try :))

    fusels.blogspot x

  5. it looks yummy enough to eat! love this, if it wasn't for lush i would totally make my own too. really lovely post xx
    my blog: boho vanity

  6. I didn't actually ever think to do this, what a good idea!!!
    abbi x

  7. awesome blog u have..if u want lets follow eachother..

  8. Awesome blog darling.i adore your blog,so inspiring.
    btw,i'm following your blog now via bloglovin and gfc.
    hope u can check out my blog and return the favor if u like.


  9. I've never tried a lipscrub. What does it do scrub your lips? Hehe I know it may sound like a stupid qestion but it sounds interesting and like I said I've never tried it.

  10. Jag gör också min egen men använder mig av honung istället för olja :) xx

  11. Girl this is awesome! I've never done this before. I'm going to try it!!

  12. Thanks for the recipe :)
    It's also great to know that Primark does cheap travel kits too. I never thought of looking there!

  13. Hey hun! I forgot to ask you since I'm going to try this lip scrub and your half Swedish. So I was wondering what is that Jojoba Oil called in Swedish? Thanks!! :)

  14. this is a really cool DIY, especially as i was considering buying a lip scrub from lush cosmetics x


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