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Mar 12, 2012

♥ Real Techniques Starter Set/Eye Brushes Review

Real Techniques Starter Set/Eye Brushes Review

If you follow me on Twitter (Click) you would know that I realized a couple of weeks ago that the Bobbi Brown brushes I bought were fakes. I dont really care about brands so I didn't realize that the real 10 brush set is actually £140 and since I bought mine for like £23 from Ebay, there was no doubt they were fake. Just to double check I brought them to the Bobbi Brown section at House of Fraiser and she confirmed that they were fakes, but said they were of great quality so I should keep them if I can. I had no doubt the seller from Ebay would refund me when I pointed this out so I was just happy I could go and buy these lovel brushes!

The funny thing is that just after I had bought them (literally) I got an email saying the seller refunded me, AND I got to keep the fake Bobbi Brown brushes (click)

So here is my Real Techniques starter brush set
They come in a case that you can either "close", or keep as a stand like this. It might look useful, but it actually isn't since the brushes are stuck pretty hard when they're put in there, so to take them in and out while your doing your makeup would just be a hassle.

Here's a closer look (click for more info)

From left:
Real Techniques  deluxe crease brush:
Uses: Crease & Concealer
As the name reveals, this brush is for your crease, like many others I do find this too big for the crease, I use it in the outer corner sometimes though. What's not to forget is that ALL the brushes are multifunctional so if you buy these, go on the website! Sam even says in her tutorial videos that the crease brush is great for applying concealer too. And I agree!

Real Techniques  base shadow brush:
Uses: To apply your eye shadow base & I also think it's great for blending. I wasn't too keen on this in the beginning but it has really grow on me, and I love it now. I only use these brushes. Here are some looks I've made using this (and only real techniques brushes)

Real Techniques Brow brush: 
Uses: To shape and define eyebrows, Sam also says in her videos that you can use this as an eyeliner close to your eye or under your eye, so again-multi functional. I have read a few reviews on these brushes and a lot of people are saying that this is too big. Since they've compared it to other eyebrow brushes (Mac ones for example) I can see that it is bigger, however I find it a bit strange that they don't show pictures of how it works/doesn't work so that we can see for ourselves. I think it's great, I love the material it's so nice, you have to feel it yourself!

Here is my eyebrow when it's not filled it:

Here it is filled in:

As you can see it's properly filled in, even in the edge. And I wouldn't say my eyebrows are thick by anyones opinion, so I can't see how the brush is too big. But I suppose it's a matter of opinion.

Real Techniques accent brush: 
Uses: Detailing, smudging, lining.
This is great for smudging eyeliner close to your eye/under our eye or to apply shadow to inner corners of eyes, a must have!

Pixel-point eyeliner brush: So I've heard a lot of people say that this is too big/doesn't work very well too. Again, why not show results? Any way it works fine for me and I've never used a brush like this before. I think it's great for using eyeliner all the way to the inner corner of your eye, and as you can see, it works for winged eyeliner aswell. I used Maybelline Gel Liner (Click)

 I hope this was helpful! I know there are a lot of reviews and opinions out there but I felt like not many of them showed what you can do with them.

I really recommend these as a basic starter set. I'm not fuzzy and I don't really feel I need anymore brushes.

If you buy these, made sure you watch Sam's tutorials on the Real Techniques website.



  1. I recently had my eyebrow filled in at a beauty show for the first time and i really liked it! I've never done it before myself so this technique description is really helpful! Great blog, now following :)

  2. Seems like an amazing brushset and I love the makeup you did here! Your eyeliner line is absolutely perfect. x

  3. love these brushes! I want to get the rest of them :)

  4. Those brushes look great!
    But, most of all, you have amazing eyes :)

  5. Sounds like you got it good when they refunded you and didnt ask for them back!!

  6. All the make-up are perfect!!
    please take a look to my blog and let me know if you like it!

  7. Such a detailed review, I love it!!! You just sold me on these brushes, I want them too. What a funny story about those ebay brushes :)

  8. wow I definitely wanna try these brushes:)

  9. Hey! I own some Real Techniques brushes too and they are amazing! I love that mine haven't shedded once and I've had mine since June!
    Also, I've also ordered a fake mac 217 brush without realising from Ebay. It should be illegal on the website!

    Great post!
    Ayesha xx

  10. wow nice post
    thanks for sharing dear
    following you now

    hope we can follow each other


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    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!
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    Enter the Romwe giveaway on my blog!

  12. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this post! I have been seriously researching which brush sets I should get. Real Techniques are popping up everywhere, but no review really seems to make me feel confident in buying them. This was super informative. Are you considering buying the face brushes?

  13. Thanks for the link to this review.x

  14. Great post! I have this set and I think it's great!

  15. Real Techniques Starter Set/Eye Brushes Review. If you follow me on Twitter (Click) you would know that I realized a couple of weeks ago that ...


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