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Mar 21, 2012

♥ Flower Power

Yes you can lol at the title, that what came into my head. This is what I wore yesterday, on Tuesday.
Nothing special but this is the kind of thing I wear daily since I go college. 

 || H&M Flower Print Sheer Blouse || Golden Collar Necklace- Portobello Market || Jeans- Dorothy Perkins || Boots, Sweden || Tiger of Sweden bag ||

These pictures are taken outside my college (Richmond University, our college is in the uni)

Took some pics in the morning in case my friend wouldn't take my pictures later lool

Wearing the Sleek Pout Paint lipstick

Random picture of my tattoo

So here I turned white. No it's my friend, yeah we have the same bracelet, yes she has perfect nails and is like a nail oracle. :)

Her outfit was a proper "mind f#ck". You know when you go nice scarf..or top.. Or ok what?.. I see..

Loooads of pictures but when I did my poll a while ago the majority of you said to upload more outfit pictures so here you go :)

What do you think?



  1. i really love this outfit. you are both pretty!

  2. I love this blouse from H&M, wanted it for quite some time but still didn't get a chance to buy it :(
    Your outfit is really nice, and I like your friend's nails!!! :)

  3. your shirt is so beautiful! love this pattern! :-)

    and (of course :P) I loooove your lips!:)

    yay nice bracelets! I would like to have one in silver :)

  4. Love the top... Just ordered for the first time from Dorothy Perkins n waiting for my items to arrive. How do you like their clothes?

  5. cute outfit! love the flower pattern on the top :)

  6. Lovely post, I like that floral print on you :) And the colour of your nails is totally cool :) xoxo ♥

  7. I saw that shirt and didn't get it. I opted for the pants. But I love how you're wearing this shirt. Its so good!

    7eventh Letter

  8. I LOVE the blouse with the necklace. I have been wanting to try that style for a while now. And may I add that your nails look AMAZING!!!!!!!

  9. Love the outfit,those nails 2die4 cute

  10. That top is too cute! I want it. Gonna try to find something similar ;-) You look great!

  11. You look cute. Your necklace is gorgeous.

    Lol @ In case your friend doesn't want to take your picture. Girl, I feel you!

  12. Jätte nätt blus! Gud vad varmt och underbart det ser ut där, här i Finland är det fortfarande snö :( xx

  13. Ha I did a doubletake with her outfit too!

    Love your shirt! Oh and your necklace. And your lipstick, too!

    Emma xo

  14. u look amazing honey,love the outfit. ur friend looks nice too<3

  15. Flower print is "SO YOU"!!! and that Sleek Pout lipsticks looks marvelous as well.


  16. Love this top! Very pretty! :)

  17. I love your top and that bracelet! So chic :)

  18. hey honey,thanks for compliment and about ur question OCC lip tars are great I wouldnt mind buying more colours but having tested Sleek pout paints I think they are great dupes and I intend on grabbing 2 or 3 from Sleek. Much cheaper and the quality is great! The Occ lip tar smell like toothpaste lol

  19. i love your shirt and yes, your friends nails are stunninnnng! :D thanks for your lovely comment on my blog xxx

  20. Looking cute!! Love this shirt from H&M. ( I also love the pants version they have in store)

    Your friends nails are pretty. Really like the shade she used!!
    Hot Happenings!

  21. You are beautiful! Your blog is beautiful!


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