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Mar 30, 2012

♥ Instagram Catch up

I hate the way I've been neglecting my blog lately, I have so many posts coming up, but I have so many comments to answer and publish & I want to do that before I publish more posts. Anywho, I will sort that out soon so here's a quick catch up in Instagrams!

Starting to really get into Instagram and I update really frequently so don't forget to send your Instragram names and I will follow you! Or follow me (Yolandaas), and I'll follow back.


N.Y.C. Metro Quartet Eye shadow, H&M Green Satchel Bag, H&M Hair Golden Hair Cuff

H&M Nude/Pink Blazer, New Look Earrings, Calvin Klein Lipstick (Review here)
Primark Denim Vest, Dorothy Perkins Golden Stud Earrings, Dorothy Perkins Ring with chain

Dorothy Perkins Orange Sheer Blouse, Levi's Denim Shorts, H&M Green Satchel Bag, Dorothy Perkins Leopard Print Slippers/Loafers, Big Golden Collar Necklace- Portobello Market

 Here are some pictures of my recent shopping, I bought the Primark denim vest, Leopard Slippers & jewellery from Dorothy Perkins and two more Real Techniques brushes.

 Hope you liked it!


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  1. gorgeous photos & love your nails!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  2. Love all of these photos, crazy about those leopard flats and your nails!

    angela - the lovely cup

  3. i love the dorothy perkins ring/chain!xxx

  4. Nice pictures, dear. And to answer to your question: No, I'm not Swedish, but Finnish, so that's close enough :D And I can speak Swedish because we are taught that in every school in Finland - and it's mandatory. :D xoxo ♥

    1. Spanish and German are something I've wanted to study :) I understand them both decently, though I don't speak them too fluently ;)

  5. sv: åh tack så mycket! vad roligt:) den hårinpackningen är definitivt en av mina favoriter!. vilken härlig shopping du gjort senaste tiden, jag har jättelänge velat pröva på borstarna från real techniques, vart i London köper man dom? och btw du är grymt vacker!

  6. I didn't know. I watched videos with theses varnish, it's really nice, especially the effect *_*

  7. sv: Det borde du verkligen göra, underbara borstar :)

  8. Love the jewellery!
    I'm always surprise (in a good way) the a phone takes such great pictures.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog :)


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