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Mar 14, 2012


What puts me off blogging, I'm really really hesitant to write this type of post, but this has been annoying me for soo long. I want to keep my blog a positive space but this is really starting to put me off blogging.

Please, dont write to me and ask if I want to follow our blog, I follow blogs generously, I love reading blogs! I aslo answer every single comment (which means I visit every blog who comments in my blog).
So if I like your blog (which I almost always do), I will FOLLOW you. But if you ask or demand for me to follow you it just puts me off. No offence to the people that might have done this to me and I did decide to follow them, I'm just tired off it.

Remember, I love following blogs and I don't really mind you sharing your new post, giveaways etc. But asking me to follow you is pointless, I probably would have anyway! :)

Why I'm writing this post (even though I don't want to) is because of one blogger, who has been commenting on my blog since I started it 7 months ago. I see her comments in blogs EVERY day, and she always writes the same thing.

She has commented my blog several times, maybe once a month. And she ALWAYS says the same thing. Asking me to follow her on every single network possible.

It is very obvious that she copies a text that she sends to everyone, but alters the beginning and says "nice post" "love your clothes" .. or whatever suits that post. She must be commenting 100's of blogs every day and she's gained thousands of followers, and she can do that. But please, Not in my blog. I blog because I like it, and I hope most of my followers follow me because they like my blog.

I definitely love every single blog I follow.

So I dont want to be extra rude and write her blog, but here is the comment. Im sure MOST of you (atleast my followers) have had this comment.

Ps. As much as I dont like it, im absolutely not angry with anyone sending the odd comment asking me to follow you, personally I don't see the point in asking people to follow, but of course, you dont know what I feel until I say it. I only have a problem with this person repeatedly commenting the same thing.. 

Have you experienced these comments? What do you think of them, do the bother you?



  1. I found myself reading this and agreeing with every single thing you said - i hate hate HATE when people tryand force me to follow them - even worse when it's obvious that they haven't even read my post whatsoever. It has the opposite effect. Or when they say they want to follow me but won't until i follow them. I blog because i enjoy reading posts and like to get to know people with the same interests, it just niggles me that some people are only in it for themselves.


  2. This annoys me so much too! Half the time they haven't even read what your post what about and just write "nice" or "lovely - follow my blog"! I love ready lots of blogs like you but when people ask you to follow them it puts me off! x

  3. oh I'm totally with you.. ;) I started following her like a while ago and she even didn't realize that ;/

  4. I actually cannot agree with your most anymore! It drives me insane and I'm the same if I get a comment I will go to that blog and 9 times out of 10 follow it! I just hate when people ask you to follow back it shows that they don't have the real love and passion for blogging :(

    Shannen Xx

  5. I totally agree! I would much rather have 20 'followers' who read because they like what I have to say, than 1000 who have clicked follow so I click it back! I read so many blogs everyday, because of the content. and only leave my address just so people can see if they like mine! xx

  6. Abby: When I click your name it says you haven't enabled your profile so I cant find your blog :(

    But I totally agree, it's rude too. If they cant even bother to read the post, they shouldn't spam it!

    Take Care.. x

  7. I do understand what you mean, personally I won't say I hate it, but it can be annoying when you can clearly see that the person didn't read your post and just paste this I agree!
    I did receive a comment from that same person!! I don't mind at all when people just leave their url in the comment or ask me to check their blog, because that's what I always do even when they don't ask, but another thing that annoys me a lot is like Beth said, people who say they'll follow you if you follow them first. That annoys me the most!
    It seems like blogger is becoming some kind of place where some people just want the most followers and don't even care if they read their blog, that's sad.

  8. Wont bother to visit u blog peace

  9. I totally agree with what you've said.... it's really annoying and unfortunately I've experienced this too... I just hate that "follow back" or other phrases... Most of the time I read something like this on my blog I delete it or just ignore it... it's just not right!

    great post :)


  10. Hello, you're absolutely right. I do not like it too. Many want to have many readers. You do not pay attention to what they left behind but only give value to the number of readers.

    Have fun continues at blogging dear.

    Esra xx

  11. Good post! I've been wanting to post something like this for awhile now but didn't quite know how to word it. I completely agree with you. I think it's really rude when people ask or demand you follow them.
    I view the profiles of every single person that comments on my blog and visit theirs too but it makes me not want to when they ask.

    Holli x

  12. I totally agree with you. I would feel awkward begging someone to follow my blog.
    Now if you don't mind please follow me on twitter, FB, bloglovin, and pinterest...bahaha just kidding.



  13. håller med dig, det är så sjukt störande!

  14. OMG.. thanks for saying this.. because I've felt the same way.. or you get the people who will say something just to get you to follow and they follow you in return. So True and Annoying all the same.

    Great post


  15. I totally agree. I've written posts about products that look awful on my skin and how much i hate them, then people comment saying 'this looks great i'll have to purchase' with a blog annoying!!


  16. I read this and agreed with everything. Or when people say I've followed you.. follow me back! It makes me really upset that people don't just enjoy and follow my blog for what it is. People don't even read the posts they just comment to advertise themselves. It really upsets me that blogging and youtube has become such a competitive numbers game, it puts people off. xxxx

  17. I hate it too when people can't be bothered to read your post or they are like "I'm following you, follow me back". I only follow people who have a good blog...not because I am told to!

  18. I can see why this puts you off, especially when it happens, like, daily :D But hey, hopefully it'll pass :) xoxo ♥

  19. I totally agree but I also hate it when people decide to follow but than ask me to go follow them. To me it's very simple, leave a comment and follow if you like it and I always go visit the page of the person who commented so if I like yours I will follow too but I do agree that asking is pointless. Go to a person's blog genuinely and not to advertise!

  20. lol sorry but you have to wait a while for a new post :P

  21. yepp this comment looks familiar to me....


  22. Ok every little point you made is absolutely true! The same girl left me the same comment and like you I always give the favor back to the people who take their time to comment so I even followed her because I liked her outfits but then I realised that she kept doing the same thing and never comment on my posts to say something that has a meaning I obviously unfollowed her. Worst she's not the only one, it's so pointless and what I hate the most it's that "come visit my blog and follow me and i'll follow you back" damn if you're so looking for fame the less thing you can do is follow me tsss people are really annoying, looking for fame and that's why most of the time I don't follow blogs with tons of followers they're generally the ones doing that. I made a post kinda related to the one you made and some people were even doing the same thing on the post lol it means that they don't even read the posts so now I ignore them completely. I don't want to become bitter and stop enjoying blogging because it became a real passion for me. You should do the same.
    Btw I can't see your updates on GFC while I'm following your blog there it's really weird, I 've been able to see this post because you just posted it on twitter :/

  23. i hate comments like that! you can tell they don't even take the time to read the post. thanks for being so honest, we all know how you feel & can relate xx

  24. I know what you mean, it does get annoying after a while.

    If I get a new follower I always go and check out their blog and if its the type of blog that interests me then I'll follow back but I'm not interested in following blogs just because the blogger wants to bump up the amount of followers they have.

    Its obvious when they havent read what the post is about, I had some girl a few days ago leave a comment about something I hadnt even wrote about and of course it was followed by 'check out my blog and follow me, I follow back', I just dont see the point.

  25. Oh this is my biggest pet hate in blogging. I find it really intrusive. For months I didn't even leave my url at the end of my comment like alot do as I thought well if they want to find my blog they can click my name. I have started leaving it now on some comments as I realised not everyone knows you can click on the name to get to their profile. But I get comments like this on most of my posts and I just think have you even read it? I especially hate when they say I'm following you, follow me back, when you can clearly see that they aren't even following you in the first place. I do check out the blogs of people that follow me and comment but to be honest if it doesn't seem like a blog of interest to me then I don't follow. I actually sit down every day and scroll back through my GFC reader and read every post of the blogs I follow, sometimes I comment and sometimes I don't, it all depends on if I feel I have something to say or add!

    Rant over!!

  26. This type of comment annoys me too!



  27. Absolutely Its not cool...Especially when they write it just randomly on any post without even reading it...

  28. I agree & why would she want all of these people to follow if they aren't going to read her posts. I guess I don't understand the point of having thousands of followers. Of course I also just blog for fun so I don't know the financial part of it. So I'm not sure if you can make money by blogging & having more followers. There is nothing worse than spamming & people copying & pasting their comments blog after blog. Maybe your post will deter people from doing it.
    Good luck.

  29. Thanks for pointing that out hun I didn't even know I hadn't enabled it! Should be okay now though :) x

  30. I totally agree, I can't stand people who only comment to get their own blog publicity and followers! I write what I think about the post, I write my blog name under my own so that the person can reply to me if they want to :) or check me out!

    You've definitely got to follow people through genuinely liking their blog, I hate when people only follow you in the hope you follow too.

    I love this post, its a rant I've wanted to have for a while! xxx

  31. thanks! ♥
    i absolutely agree with you!

  32. Totally agree with you on this one! I havent been blogging long but i get those comments now and then. I don't think i'v ever commented asking someone to follow me. Dont think i ever will either. Blogging isn't really about how many followers you have (well to me it isnt anyway). But i'd rather someone follow me because they actually enjoyed what i was writing, not just for a follow back lol x

  33. Sadly i know what you referring to. and i totally agree. i even know the person you are reffering too.
    i'll be honest with you, sometimes wanting to promote a bit my blog i do leave a link and ask the blogger to check it out. and it hurts my heart to do that.i think that you can have new readers checking out your blog if you kindly ask it and give THEM the choice to decide if they want to follow you or not. at least this is how i do it.
    healthy promotion isn't bad, but obsessive "follow me and i'll follow you back" is BAD.
    i mean ok, i'll check out your blog if you want to, but LEAVE ME the choice to follow or not. i am so happy that almost everysingle follower i have reads my blog and i talk with them via email etc.
    i couldn't agree more with your post, i am so glad that people like you exist!!!
    you know what makes me insane.
    it isn't only the fact that they write comments such as "nice post, follow me..." which clearly shows that they never took the time to check out your blog, it isn't the fact that they copy and paste the same message everywhere. and trust me the comment you get isn't the worst out there. there is a certain blogger who writes "great post, interesting, unique, inspiration (parts of your personality right?)...." a similar message to this one almost in every blog out there. and although i don't want to say her name its so frustrating.
    what makes me angry though is the fact that some bloggers follow you and then demand for you to follow them and if you don't, they either unfollow you or send you tons of comments asking you WHY you haven't followed them yet.
    OR OR when you are already following them and then they write something like" great post, i just discovered your blog, follow me" and you know that you already follow each other.
    sorry for the extremely long comment
    and thank you for being honest!!!
    and putting yourself out there, what you did isn't easy to do

  34. Nice blog! :D

    visit mine!

  35. ^ Umm, I think this post was lost on some people!!

  36. I love the comment before the one that's before mine...
    I just ignore them. Or erase their comment. Or write sarcastic answers. I've thought about making a list and put them all there, not that it'll bother them, or that they'll see it.

  37. What a poop behaviour! So many people do it on so many blogs, I guess the solution is just to ignore it, but youre totally right!:) xx

  38. I LOVE this post!!
    I absolutely hate when I get things like that!

    I too have gotten that same message, and I went to the blog, and for sure DID NOT follow. I follow a lot of blogs but only the ones I like to read!

    Keep it up!


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